Japanese newspaper app released for children

App released which makes newspapers suitable for children

Mobile phones today are are considered just as much playthings for our children as they are essential gadgets that get us through our hectic daily lives. And with most children being able to whizz their way around the latest iPad or smartphone quicker than we can, why shouldn’t they also have access to their own selection of bespoke apps?

A company in Japan has today unveiled its app which essentially makes reading any newspaper child-friendly. The app uses a smartphone to ‘translate’ the text on even the most serious of broadsheet newspapers in order to make it more fun and comprehensible for children to read.

In a promotional video, the app is described as “the newspaper for family communication”, as the traditional newspaper is “not made for children”. The video shows the app in action: a boy simply holds his Dad’s iPhone over a newspaper, and the story is summed up with cartoon characters, while key words are highlighted on the screen.


The app aims to bridge the gap between adult and child readership, and even hopes to  improve a child’s education as well as communication between family members. The only problem is, a university lecturer Paul Bradshaw told the BBC, “Are kids going to be interested in the same subjects as adults, even when treated differently?”

Whether the app will ever make its way into our own app stores is yet unknown, but the concept seems to have sparked interest all over the world. Do you think it’s a good idea? Let us know on Google+ or Twitter

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel