MWC 2015 Just One Week Away!

MWC 2015

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, we only have a week until the world’s biggest smartphone show begins.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is set to show off a multitude of devices –ranging from the high-end big boys right down to your lower priced budget handsets.

Also, you can expect to find a huge number of stalls showing off tablets, components and apps, making it a truly multi-faceted event.

Phones at MWC

Considering the lack of smartphones which made the trip to CES in Las Vegas, MWC should be offering plenty for us to mull over on the flagship front, here is where you can watch the MWC live.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is widely expected at the event, along with a second curved screen variant.

This echoes the Samsung event toward the end of last year, where we were given the Galaxy Note 4 alongside the Note Edge.

Samsung has its pre-MWC press conference scheduled for 5.30pm GMT on March 1st, meaning we’ll actually get a good look at whatever is on offer then.

Will we get a Galaxy S6 Edge at MWC 2015?


HTC is also planning a pre-show conference on March 1st, only this one will be held at 3pm GMT.

The long awaited follow-up for the One M8 will be on show, presumably called the One M9 – whilst we might also get a look at a larger One M9 Plus device as well.

Rumour has it that a HTC One Mini 3 could also be unveiled after the show, whilst a HTC wearable is also expected to be shown off.


Sony hasn’t had the best of times with its mobile market, and rumour has it that the division might be sold off in the near future.

This doesn’t exactly bode well for Sony fans heading to MWC, especially seeing as there’s been no official confirmation on a pre-event press conference by the company.

This means that the widely expected Xperia Z4 might not be making the trip at all. However, Sony does have a booth set-up so we should get access to some hardware.

The Z4 is still a possibility, whilst an Xperia Z2 Tablet follow-up is due. Also, Sony isn’t against the mid-range market, so some cheaper devices could well be on the cards.


Having already revealed the LG G Flex2 at CES in January, we won’t be too surprised to see LG play it cool at MWC.

The LG G4 would be slightly premature if you ask us, but there’s a chance that a phablet could be revealed if we’re lucky.

The LG Urbane smartwatch was revealed this month, so that will certainly be on show at the LG booth.

Will LG follow up on its CES launch of the G Flex 2?


Microsoft has a press conference scheduled for the opening day of the event (March 2nd), with rumours of a Lumia 1020 successor being linked to the show.

However, little information has been revealed by Microsoft, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Windows manufacturer keep quiet through the event.

Huawei does have a press conference planned on March 1st, but it’s looking more and more like a wearable targeted trip for the Chinese company.

Also, we can confirm that the successor to the Ascend P7 won’t be in Cataluña, as Huawei has a separate event planned in April.

Plenty of other devices will be arriving at the event from other manufacturers however, so don’t get yourself down just yet.

Of course, with only a week to go we simply have to wait and see what will be on offer at the event. You never know – there could be a surprise or two!

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Written by Luke Hatfield