Motorola Unveils First ‘Shatter-Proof’ Smartphone

Moto X Force

One of the biggest first world problems many smartphone owners will encounter throughout their lives are cracked screens. Many of us have watched helplessly as our pocket based handsets have smashed on the hard concrete floor – and repairing them isn’t exactly cheap.

However, Motorola claims to have solved this problem by introducing the world’s first shatter-proof smartphone, aptly naming it the Moto X Force.

The Unbreakable Phone

To claim that any electronic device with a screen is completely shatter-proof is quite a statement, as invariably, glass isn’t exactly the sturdiest of materials. But Motorola has pushed the boat out with this latest handset, even flaunting its durability in a launch video alongside the best phones Apple and Samsung have to offer.

Motorola is so sold on the strength of the device, that it’s even offering a full four year warranty on the display – covering any kind of serious damage to the screen. View all the latest Motorola models

It’s not just the odd drop that the phone will survive either, with the 5.4” QHD screen also being helped out by MIL-STD-810G certification, which covers it from the following: salt, humidity, dust, thermal shock, solar radiation, transport, rain and vibration. As a whole, the Moto X Force is one tough cookie.

What’s more surprising is that the X Force doesn’t look like it’s been wrapped with unsightly (but strong) materials either, with a stylish pebble leather or ballistic nylon chassis up for grabs, along with a simple aluminium trim. We haven’t been given any dimensions yet, but it doesn’t look too thick or bulky either, which is also surprising considering the durability it offers.

Even the battery is built to last, with a whopping 3760mAh offering crammed into the back, which can apparently last two days on a full charge – making it long lasting in every way!

Moto X Force Specs

Say hello to the Moto X Force!

If it’s specs you’re more interested in then you’re in for a nice surprise as well, as the Moto X Force rocks a welcome set of flagship internals for you to make use of should you invest.

A Snapdragon 810 chipset and octa-core processor make for a fast and powerful handset overall, whilst 3GB RAM also helps if you’re planning on getting a lot of work done at once. Elsewhere, 32GB or 64GB of internal memory also helps for storing all of that media you might have, whilst this can also be expanded upon if you use a MicroSD card.

Pictures are dealt with by a 21 megapixel rear lens, whilst a front facing 5 megapixel camera also sports its own flash for the best selfies yet.

The Motorola phone is set to hit the UK later on this month, with pre-orders being taken now in a number of retailers. Prices seem to start at around £500 sim-free, whilst monthly deals will set you back upward of £30/month depending on your tariff.

So, what do you make of the ‘indestructable’ Moto X Force? Do you think it could be in your stocking this Christmas? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield