Motorola smart-watch could be on its way!

Motorola Smart-watch could be on its way!

With Google Glass inundating the news recently with its controversial concept and design, it seems that the world is getting used to the idea of wearable smartphone technology. And while smart-watches have been rumoured to come from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Google  at some point this year, the latest suggestion is that we will be seeing a Motorola smart-watch hitting our shelves sooner than we thought.

Observers were hoping for a mention of a smart-watch device at Google’s I/O in Florida last week, though left feeling let down after no such device was announced. However, a patent supposedly filed by Motorola, the mobile phone manufacturer that was acquired by Google last year, suggests that a Motorola-made Google smart-watch is in the making.  

The patent, which hasn’t been officially linked to Motorola, doesn’t give much away about the device, though the latest rumours suggest that it will be marketed as an alternative to Google Glass, and will need to be tethered to a smartphone in order to function properly.

Some speculators have even confirmed that a Motorola smart-watch device is complete in a physical form, and has in fact made its way around Google offices around the US and the UK.

Other smart-watches that are already on the market include the Pebble Watch and the Italian-made i'M Watch.A Samsung smartwatch is said to be in the making, as well as the Apple iWatch, which emerged after a patent for a smart-watch device was filed earlier this year.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel