More KitKat Updates to Roll Out this Month

Android Update

Samsung users have something to cheer about this month, after five smartphones made by the manufacturer have been slated to receive the Android KitKat update throughout July.

The news comes out of India, with a document apparently coming from Samsung surfacing online confirming the handsets set to get updated.

The document suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo and Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 will all be receiving the update at some point this month.

The document also points out that the Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t be receiving the update, after Samsung decided to put its efforts into more recent handsets, rather than develop software for an outdated model.

According to the document, all five of the updates have been finalised already, meaning we could be seeing them hit phones anytime over the month, depending on when Google and Samsung decide to be a good rollout date.

Android KitKat offers multiple improvements over the previous JellyBean update; including better performance, improved memory usage, NFC upgrades and a much improved Google Now feature, along with many more changes.

What does this mean for the Samsung handsets of old?

Update times as always will vary on location, handset and network, but until official dates are given for each specific rollout, we won’t be able to give you solid timings to work off.

Of course, official word hasn’t been given as of yet from Samsung or Google about this group of upgrades, so until you get an announcement from either company, you may be best off taking this information with a healthy pinch of salt.

However, software updates for ageing handsets like this don’t tend to draw in too many fake leaks, so we should all safely assume that updates for these handsets are in the works.

One more notable point however is that the model numbers for the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Grand 2 are dual-sim versions of the handset, meaning single sim variants may not receive the update at the same time.

The difference isn’t likely to be too long considering it’s the only difference between the models, but it could prove a slight stumbling block.

This news comes after Google revealed its developer preview version of the next Android update at its I/O developer conference in the US, which is currently known as Android ‘L’, but is likely to receive a dessert name moniker when it’s fully revealed in the near future.

Samsung of course is planning to roll out its very own Tizen operating system soon enough, with the Samsung Galaxy F handset looking set to be the first smartphone to feature the software when it’s released in Russia later on this year.

It’s widely expected that once on its feet, Tizen will be a core feature of the majority of Samsung smartphone releases, including the currently Android favourite Galaxy S line-up, which has recently seen its S5 handset prove immensely popular.

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Written by Luke Hatfield