Mobile phones celebrate their 40th birthday today!

Mobile phones celebrate their 40th birthday today!

With the way that we are glued to our mobile phones today, it almost seems unthinkable that 40 years ago, no such thing existed. And even after the first call was made on the 3rd April 1973, mobile phones that were affordable for the masses were still a long way off.

The first ever mobile phone was developed by Motorola, and a senior engineer, Martin Cooper, announced the invention by placing a call with a rival telecommunications company back in 1973. Talking to the BBC, Mr Cooper said that he wanted to develop "something that would represent an individual so you could assign a number not to a place, not to a desk, not to a home but to a person."

Cooper then went on to say: "It pleases me no end to have had some small impact on people's lives because these phones do make people's lives better.”

Although the mobile phone was expected to explode in terms of popularity, Cooper never anticipated the level of technology that today’s mobile phones would embrace, including camera phones that work better than traditional cameras, media players that supersede the quality of stereo systems and the ability to access any website all from the touch of a button.

Although the smartphone is a relatively new development in the world of mobile phones, over half of the population own a mobile phone which enables them to access the internet, download apps, take photos and listen to the latest tunes.

 In a report conducted last year, it was found that there were 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions across the globe, compared to a world population of 7 billion. That figure is also set to be topped this year and predictions suggest that the number of mobile phones is sure to overtake the global population.

And it doesn’t look like technological developments are slowing down, either. 2013 appears to be the year that the wearable smartphone is going to make it big, with manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung allegedly having smart-watches in the pipeline, and with Google having previewed its smartphone-spectacles, called Google Glass.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel