Microsoft Adds Tell Me to Android Apps

Microsoft Adds Tell Me to Android Apps

Microsoft has just made Office Mobile redundant in the Android Play Store and it has replaced this package of apps with individual Android apps for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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These new Android apps have had a 2016 update applied to them and this has added new features, such as ‘Tell Me’.

Tell Me

On a smartphone, Tell Me can be accessed quickly by tapping the ‘A and Pencil’ icon, located at the top of the screen, followed by tapping the light bulb icon. On a tablet, users can already see the light bulb icon on the top right of the screen.

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When Tell Me is activated, a text box appears on the screen. From here, users can enter any task request, such as insert a table, and the Microsoft app will do just that. This really simplifies all processes, particularly the unusual ones that users may not no where to find them, in the menu system of the apps.

Microsoft Phones

It is important to remember that when the Tell Me text box pops up, along with the keyboard, that it is possible to tap the microphone icon on the keyboard. This lets the user remove another laborious task (typing) from the equation, with natural voice commands.  

Tell Me isn’t the only new feature added to the Android app versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint:

Word for Android

Word will now let users merge and split table cells. This means that merged cells can be used to make headings that span across multiple columns.

A and Pen icon

Word on Android phones lets users edit Word documents on the go and without losing the formatting created on different devices. Documents can be saved online in the Cloud with either OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or SharePoint.

The free Word app from Microsoft gives the core experience with create, view and edit, on screens smaller that 10.1 inches.

Excel for Android

Excel now has a more advanced and comprehensive Autocomplete. Users just need to start typing and Autocomplete will finish off the word. In addition to this, users can now expand and collapse grouped columns and rows, to see more or less detail.

Tell Me Light Bulb

The Excel app also lets users sort and analyse data and use formulas, tables, charts and filters.

PowerPoint for Android

The only new feature in the 2016 edition of PowerPoint is the Tell Me feature. PowerPoint already lets users create presentations from scratch or edit them on the go, by adding images, charts, transitions and animations.

Tell Me Voice Commands

To go beyond the core experience of these apps, users can unlock the full experience with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

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Written by: Michael Brown