Microsoft-Nokia Takeover Date Set


It’s been in the pipeline for seven months, but a date has finally been set for Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, with April 25th being the official takeover date.

Nokia and Microsoft have had approval for a while from the European Commission and United States Department of Justice, but China’s own department only sanctioned the deal in the past few weeks.

But now that the deal has finally been agreed upon in Asia, it looks as if the Finnish company will be under Microsoft’s control by the end of the week.

Nokia has taken the budget market by storm over recent years, but is a Nokia phone the best budget phone? 

Nokia has long had a bit of a love affair with Windows powered software, with the company having a massive majority of the Windows Phone market share, mainly thanks to its Lumia line-up.

But Android set-up a bit of a love triangle earlier this year, by being featured on the Nokia X, X+ and XL handsets which were revealed at MWC in Barcelona.

This hasn’t seemed to anger Microsoft all that much though, as the company continued to finalise the deal with Nokia to get them to this point.

Nokia’s next major smartphone release is widely expected to be the Lumia 930, a 5” full HD semi-flagship handset, which should be on shelves in June, a release Microsoft will have full control over.

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Written by Luke Hatfield