Microsoft Offers Samsung $1bn to Adopt Windows Phone

Windows Phone

With the huge success of Samsung becoming evident over the last few years, it appears Microsoft want to jump on the bandwagon, offering the Korean firm $1 Billion to run its Windows Phone operating system (OS).

Microsoft is in the midst of taking control of Nokia, and wants Samsung to build handsets capable of running its OS in the future, and hopes this offer will twist their arm into doing so.

Samsung has seen a lot of success running their latest phones through the hugely popular Android OS, and this offer from Microsoft will surely turn their heads.

No official confirmation has come from either party about the alleged offer just yet, so it could still be up in the air, however if the offer is eventually confirmed it could be a major turning point in the OS battle between Apple, Android and Windows.

Nokia has been the most supportive of the Windows Phone system, running most of their recent releases through the recently updated version of Windows Phone, but this new move would surely mark Microsoft as a key competitor in the phone market for the near future.

The deal would be damaging for Android as well, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 currently the highest selling Android powered phone on the market, as reported in the recent sales reports.

If this offer is true, it could mean big changes for the future of the mobile phone market from as early as late next year.

By Luke Hatfield