Microsoft MWC Press Conference Scheduled

Microsoft at MWC

Another big name to jump on the MWC bandwagon this week is Microsoft, after the company officially announced its upcoming press conference for the Barcelona based event.

Microsoft has had a pretty hectic couple of months, after unveiling its latest Windows 10 operating system, and isn’t expected to make too much of a splash at MWC. However, after setting up a press conference it’s likely that we’ll be getting a glimpse of a new handset at least.

What could Microsoft bring to Barcelona?

Will we see a Windows Phone at MWC 2015?

There has been little noise coming from Microsoft regarding its smartphone line-up over the past few months, however with MWC coming up we are expecting at least some hint of a new device.

The most likely handset to make the trip to the show is the successor to the Nokia Lumia 1320, the 6” phablet handset.

The device would most likely be named the Lumia 1330, and specs leaked in reference to the handset back in December.

Rumour has it that the screen is dropping to a 5.7” effort, with a Snapdragon 400 chipset and 1GB RAM making the cut in a somewhat underwhelming spec sheet.

A 14 megapixel PureView camera will be included on the back side of the device, whilst a front facing 5 megapixel lens could also be included.

Other possibilities at the event include the successor to the Lumia 1020, which many will remember for its 41 megapixel camera. News of a follow-up for the handset has gone off the boil of late however, with some reports suggesting that the product has been shelved.

Also, we may be in for another surprise we haven’t thought of yet, which would definitely help boost Microsoft’s smartphone stock.

Of course, Microsoft may be waiting until Windows 10 comes out before launching any more major handsets, so we’ll simply have to wait and see until the event comes around.

When will we get to see Microsoft’s Event?

Other than hot air balloons, what can we expect from Microsoft at MWC?

Microsoft’s invite is scheduled for March 2nd at 8.30am local time, a full day after Samsung’s event, during which we’re expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S Edge handsets.

There is nothing to suggest what we might be seeing at Microsoft’s event however, as the invite doesn’t picture any sort of handset outline or anything like that.

Even the wording of the invite doesn’t suggest any known Microsoft devices that could be coming up, so it’s safe to assume that the company is keeping its cards close to its chest right now.

Of course, if nothing is revealed by Microsoft, it runs the risk of falling behind some of the bigger names on the market, so it would seem strange not to announce at least one flagship device at the event.

What do you think Microsoft will unveil at MWC? Will it be a surprise flagship device? Or will we get another batch of budget offerings? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield