Microsoft Lumia 435 Leaked

Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft’s next budget smartphone effort can’t be too far off, after a picture of the rumoured device leaked alongside some pretty informative specifications last week.

Coming in a step behind the recently announced Lumia 535, don’t expect the 435 to blow you away on the technical side of things, however if you’re after a lower cost handset then it could be ideal.

Lumia 435 Specs

On the specs front we find a Snapdragon 200 chipset, 5 megapixel camera and a 4” WVGA display, giving the 435 a budget feel as expected.

There will be a dual-sim variant of the device, something which is markedly more popular in foreign markets, like India and other Asian countries.

What do you think of this latest budget smartphone?

Don’t expect to see any break out specs sneak into the handset, with a dual-core processor and 4GB storage expected to fit the bill.

MicroSD card support is also expected, meaning that you won’t be forced into using the limited internal storage.

A BV-5J battery is exclusively featuring in the Lumia 435, the battery is also reportedly in testing in India, meaning that the handset itself will also be in testing there as well.

There’s no word on the possibility of a front camera, which could mean that one is still being decided upon, or that one isn’t included at all.

4G won’t be included for sure, whilst the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system is expected to feature, with a rumoured release of the next system not coming until later on in 2015.

The Lumia 435 itself won’t be hitting the market until early on in 2015, possibly with an MWC release for western markets.

This would follow up the trend of Nokia and Microsoft’s budget offerings from last year’s event in Barcelona, where we saw the now discontinued Nokia X along with several other cheaper devices.


On a financial front, you can expect the Lumia 435 to price up at just £40 sim-free, with contract deals probably avoided altogether.

Will the Lumia 435 come out for MWC, like the Nokia X did?

Retailers may offer the handset with a sim-only plan to make monthly deals worthwhile, but it’s likely that most consumers will purchase the Microsoft device on a pay as you go basis.

Microsoft has several smartphones on the horizon for next year, with follow-up devices like the Lumia 1030, 940 and 840 all set to appear over the course of 2015.

The Windows 10 operating system is also expected next year, offering a joint experience with all of its devices, whilst a design change isn’t off the cards either.

Of course all of this information has come from a leak, meaning it might not be correct. But with handsets like this, leaks are few and far between, so it’s unlikely to be wind up.

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Written by Luke Hatfield