Flagship Lumia Phone Specs Leaked

Microsoft Lumia

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen or heard anything about a flagship Microsoft handset heading to stores, but this could be set to change this summer.

According to some reports online, Microsoft has a duo of flagship handsets ready to hit the market the moment Windows 10 goes live – bringing top of the range specs into the fray with a flashy new operating system.

The Microsoft Cityman

Will we finally be getting a follow up to the Microsoft Lumia 930?

Rumoured to be the most powerful Microsoft smartphone ever, the Cityman is set to sport a spec sheet that will be making even the biggest names in the business turn their heads.

The phone itself is going to be fronted by a 5.7” QHD display which is equal in terms of power and performance to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Behind this we’re getting a 64-bit octa-core processor that keeps things running faster than many other competing devices, whilst 32GB storage should be getting backed up with MicroSD support.

A Snapdragon 810 chipset also works in tandem with 3GB RAM to allow for even the most intensive apps to run without an issue, giving the Cityman a true flagship feel.

Topping things off is a 20 megapixel rear based camera, whilst a 5 megapixel front facing lens also makes the cut. A 3300mAh battery also ensures that you’ll get plenty of life from the Microsoft handset before it needs a recharge.

Introducing the Microsoft Talkman

If 5.7” seems a little too big for you, then the Talkman might be the better option – with a more manageable 5.2” display subbing in for the smaller device.

The QHD resolution sticks around however, so you won’t be making any major compromises with screen quality should you side with the Talkman over the Cityman.

The only other change internally is the drop from the octa-core processor to a hexa-core effort, which will result in a slight drop in handset speed.

Other than that, all of the other internal components keep their place in the smaller device – giving it a high-end feel of its own.

Will Windows 10 be the best mobile OS of the lot?

When will we see the next Microsoft Phones?

Microsoft is reportedly planning on offering up both handsets for sale when the Windows 10 operating system finally makes its way out – meaning a launch for both phones is due sometime this summer.

Microsoft hasn’t officially revealed when the Windows system will be released, but anytime past August would definitely be a surprise.

It’s also likely that when we see both of these phones next that they’ll also be boasting different names – likely being related to the Microsoft Lumia line-up.

As always, seeing as these specs are rumours, you may be better off taking this information with a suitably sized pinch of salt. However, considering the fact that we haven’t seen a Microsoft flagship for a good while, it’s plausible that it would want to come back with a bang – so these sort of specs definitely make sense.

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Written by Luke Hatfield