Microsoft Could Work with Android Apps

Android Microsoft

It looks like Microsoft may be looking at using Android apps for some of its Windows 8 devices in the near future, to solve its current app deficit, which sees them sitting behind Android and Apple in the operator system rankings.

Windows has seen plenty of success over the past 12 months, especially with the release of mobile phone handsets like the Nokia Lumia 1020 and 520, both of which have sold well.

But it appears that the people at Microsoft still aren’t happy with the system’s lack of apps, and are discussing working with Android.

Microsoft is seemingly allowing its company Nokia to develop an Android phone, and a move to use some Android apps couldn’t be off the cards either if this rumour is true.

Senior executives are seemingly torn between the options, trying to weigh up the risks and rewards of working with a competitor’s apps.

Working with Android would certainly boost the amount of apps available to Windows users, with Android currently having the most apps published on any of the systems over the last year.

The move would anger some die hard Windows Phone fans though, possibly denting the company’s reputation on the mobile phone market.

Either way, we will have to wait and see until a decision is made, but it definitely could be one of the most controversial if it goes ahead.

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Written by Luke Hatfield