Meizu MX4 Leaked Online

What is the Meizu MX4?

The ever growing fascination with high powered flagship phones in South East Asia is seemingly growing by the day, with the Meizu MX4 the latest handset leaked from the continent.

South East Asia has been a bit of a smartphone hotbed of late, with more well-known companies like Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus all announcing high-end devices over recent months.

But it isn’t just the big names making noise over in the East, with manufacturers like Oppo, Xiaomi and now Meizu all getting involved with flagship smartphone production as well.

Is the MX4 going to make it to the UK?

The latest flagship styled handset making its way from Asia is the Meizu MX4, and we’ve been lucky enough to see its picture finally leaked on the web, showing off a pretty classy design to say the least.

Sporting a very similar design to a much more recognised western flagship phone (we’ll give you a clue: it’s named after a fruit), the MX4 is looking like one of the best looking smartphones to make its way out of China in a while.

Pictured in white, the device is likely of a developer model of the handset or possibly a fully produced version which has been given to someone who can’t keep quiet, either way, the handset has been revealed.

Packing an 1800x1080 display, the actual screen size of the MX4 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s expected to be in the 5” area.

Inside the handset we find a MediaTek MT6595 chipset accompanying a quad-core processor and 3GB RAM, making the MX4 one of the more powerful handsets of 2014 so far.

Android will be featured on the handset, but with quite a noticeable twist, with Meizu including its Flyme 4.0 user interface over the top, making for quite an interesting proposition from the Chinese handset.

There will also be a reported premium version of the MX4 hitting the market alongside a standard version, which will boast a sharper display as well as a fingerprint scanner, something which has become quite the craze over the past year.

The MX3 was a success in some markets, will it be the same for the MX4?

Unfortunately, we don’t have much to go off in terms of pricing, with your guess as good as any right now, but one thing we do know is that the handset will be launching next month if all goes to plan.

Meizus previously released the MX3, the predecessor to the MX4 in Europe, although it didn’t make too much of a splash over here.

But with Meizu signalling its intent to tackle international markets, it would be no surprise to see the MX4 continue to hit shelves here in the West, possibly with a bit more marketing to try and draw in sales.

Hopefully Meizu could be the next Asian smartphone manufacturer to break into the UK market with the MX4, and with this seemingly strong handset we wouldn’t put it past them just yet.

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Written by Luke Hatfield