Make a call using your shoe: have wearable smartphones gone a step too far?

Have wearable smartphones gone a step too far?

We’ve all been made aware of the likelihood that we will be wearing our mobile phones within the next few years in some form or another, whether it will be by wearing a watch linked to your phone via Bluetooth, or a bracelet which can measure your fitness workout.

But now it seems that designers are planning to take it one step further (excuse the pun) by releasing a range of shoes which have a smartphone embedded into their sole.

In an interview given to the BBC, the designer, Sean Miles, told of the difficulties he has faced in designing a device which can be incorporated into various types of shoes. For example, he demonstrates how one shoe can make a call to another shoe (sounds like a bad joke, doesn’t it?), alerting the user to the incoming phone call via strong vibrations felt on his foot.

The shoe-phones, while being quite basic, can still allow users to make calls and read text messages. And while it might seem a far-fetched idea, I can see the concept catching on for purposes, say, when you don’t want to take your valuable iPhone for a night on the town, but still need to call for a taxi on your way home.

Sean Miles, however, has called the design “just a bit of light-hearted fun”, which sums up the concept entirely. Whether the idea catches on or not, I wouldn’t mind having the opportunity to play around on shoe-phone myself.  To read more about the latest innovations in the smartphone arena, read our article on the future of mobile phones.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel