Microsoft Lumia 535 Officially Unveiled

Nokia Lumia 535

It was only yesterday when we reported on the possibility of two new Microsoft handsets being released, and it looks like we were right (with one of them at least!).

The Lumia 535, which follows up from the hugely successful 530 model was officially revealed by Microsoft and is the first handset to ditch the Nokia branding style which had become so well-loved.

The move has already stirred up plenty of controversy, and brought mixed reviews to the American company, which has also been slammed for recent job cuts in the Nokia departments of its business as well.

It hasn’t fazed Microsoft though, launching the handset in spite of the criticism it’s received with its change of direction for Nokia smartphones.

What do you think of the Microsoft Lumia 535?

Lumia 535

The entry-level handset boasts a 5” IPS display with qHD resolution, which totals a 960x540 ratio if you’re unsure of what qHD equals.

Available in both a single and dual-sim variant, the Lumia 535 also sports a Snapdragon 200 chipset and a 1.2GHz processor, making for a surprisingly swift feel.

1GB RAM also accompanies 8GB internal storage which can be extended through use of a Micro SD card.

The design of the Microsoft Lumia handset isn’t all that different from the Lumia 530; it is around an inch larger though, to allow for the 5” display instead of the 4” effort on its predecessor.

The plastic is also sporting a shinier finish, whilst the corners of the handset are slightly sharper than the curved edges of the Lumia 530. Otherwise though, there’s little else to report on the design front.


One major surprise we did get from the Lumia 535 was its camera set-up. Whilst the 5 megapixel rear lens was expected, the front lens also sports the same quality, making for an exciting selfie focused device.

Add this to the 5” display and we have a 5x5x5 moniker for the Lumia 535, which sports the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, making it sharp behind the scenes as well.

The system isn’t exactly a new one, but it adds a nice look to a tidy effort from Microsoft, and one that could do well heading towards Christmas.

Will you be picking up the Microsoft Lumia 535?

Priced fairly modestly at just £85 sim-free, the Lumia 535 is looking like quite a steal, especially compared to the other side of the scale, where phones are costing upward of £600 in many cases.

We shouldn’t have to wait too long for this new Microsoft handset either, with it expected to make its way onto the market sometime this month, giving it ample time to get ready for its Christmas push.

There’s still no news on the Lumia 1330 we reported on at the same time as our original Lumia 535 article, but when we get more information we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Written by Luke Hatfield