Microsoft Lumia 535 Coming to the UK

Lumia 535

Announced only weeks ago, it looks like the UK will be getting the first Microsoft branded smartphone ahead of Christmas, with the Lumia 535 listed online for British customers.

There were some pretty big question marks over the Lumia 535’s chances of making it to the UK when it was originally announced, but Microsoft fans can now rejoice knowing that the device will be making it to British shores.

It’s nto quite up for sale yet, with the UK Microsoft website posting it as ‘coming soon’, but with a European release apparently scheduled for December 5th, we’d be surprised if it was to take any longer to make an appearance here.

The handset was first introduced to the Indian market, which tends to favour lower end handsets like this one, and has also been noticed on German websites for pre-orders, so it seems that a full Western release is on the cards.

Costing €120 in Germany, the Lumia 535 is expected to cost around £100 here in the UK, making it an ideal handset for budget users or for those after a great back-up device.

The Microsoft Lumia 535 is also noted as the first smartphone to ditch the Nokia branding for that of Microsoft since the American company took over the seasoned mobile brand.

Will you be buying the Microsoft Lumia 535?

Lumia 535 Specs

Boasting a 5” touchscreen display, the Microsoft device offers more than you might expect for its price tag, with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage also making the cut.

MicroSD cards are supported for memory hungry customers, whilst a quad-core 1.2GHz processor couples a Snapdragon chipset behind the scenes.

Microsoft continues the spec list with a 1,905mAh battery and an Adreno 302 GPU, whilst all of it is topped off with two superb 5 megapixel cameras on both sides of the device.

Microsoft Design

Whilst it goes without saying, you can’t be expecting to see premium build quality from a £100 smartphone, but Microsoft comes pretty close with the Lumia 535.

Its colourful plastic design is evidently its major selling point on the design front, whilst its smooth corners and simple layout are also major advantages over some of its competing handsets.

All of the buttons and ports are where you’d expect to find them, whilst the 5” display is surrounded by a fairly sizeable bezel, something which isn’t really a surprise considering the price tag.

Whilst the Microsoft Lumia isn’t going to be breaking any sales records, it’s certainly a handy addition to the market, albeit one already quite saturated with budget devices.

Of course, when news emerges of the confirmed release date and pre-order offers, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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Written by Luke Hatfield