Android Lollipop Ready to go for S5 Users

S5 lollipop

Google’s latest Android software dropped quite a while back now, with select handsets getting the kit right away, but now one of the biggest Samsung phones has finally joined the party.

This week, European versions the Samsung Galaxy S5 began receiving notifications to download the Android Lollipop software, currently restricted to just Polish networks at the moment.

This does mean that other EU countries can’t be far off though, and it’s likely to be just a matter of days before it hits other areas of Europe.

The new Android Lollipop software can be seen on the right of this picture

To check for an update you can go through your own Galaxy S5’s Settings menu, but you should be notified when an update is available, so you shouldn’t have to constantly check if you’re eager.

Whilst this certainly is exciting news, it doesn’t bring much of a design change to the S5’s software, mainly because the Touchwiz user interface is still plastered over the stock version of Lollipop.

The update’s use of ART Runtime should however, improve responsiveness on the S5 by a fair bit, meaning a noticeable difference should be pretty easy to spot once you’ve installed the new software.

Other changes like the updated notifications and other features should be ready to go on the S5, which was released back in March at MWC.

Slow Lollipop Rollout

So far the uptake of Android Lollipop has been fairly slow, something which is generally expected whenever Android releases a new piece of software.

Google’s own Nexus devices were some of the first phones to get the update, with the Nexus 4 and 5 being offered the download, whilst the newer Nexus 6 came with the software pre-installed.

However, unlike the iOS rollout, which hits all handsets in a certain market over a matter of hours, each Android update has to be vetted and customised to each manufacturer’s smartphones.

This means that it takes a fair amount of time for larger companies like Samsung and Sony to optimise its own user interfaces to the upgraded system, as well as ensuring that there aren’t any compatibility issues.

Have you downloaded Android Lollipop yet?

It’s expected that by March 2015, the majority of Android smartphones of the most current model will be running Android Lollipop in some format, whilst older phones are set to miss out.

Many budget smartphones are set to avoid the update completely, as manufacturers aren’t likely to see much of a sales improvement, especially if they have successors in the pipeline next year.

Of course, each manufacturer works differently when it comes down to software updates, so you’re always better off checking on their website directly about this sort of information.

As more information comes out about further handsets receiving updates, we’ll be sure to let you know.

So, do you have an S5? Are you waiting on the Android Lollipop update? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield