LG Urbane Smartwatch Revealed

LG Urbane

LG has officially let slip of its latest hardware release, giving us a glimpse of its next wearable smartwatch.

The LG Urbane doesn’t quite come across as your standard wearable device however, opting for a more classical and stylish look, bringing many similarities with the likes of the Moto 360.

LG Urbane Design

Previously, LG has stuck with the ‘standard’ smartwatch style with its wearable efforts. The likes of the LG G Watch, whilst effective, haven’t been jaw-dropping on the design side of things.

That looks as if it’s changing with the Urbane, which is bringing an aura of sophistication and aristocracy to your wrist.

Its metal-clad chassis brings comparison to many standard watches - you know the ones which don’t need charging every other day?

The fascia is the main reason for this, working with a round form factor which is always going to feel more traditional.

Do you like the design of the LG Urbane?

This obviously has it going head to head with the Moto 360, which itself features a round display, albeit one which will be much more aged compared to the Urbane’s.

However another wearable it will definitely be competing with is that from Apple’s headquarters, which will certainly prove a challenge considering the hefty backing it already has.

LG Urbane Specs

Looking past the design, we’re also getting a decent spec sheet to play with as well, starting off with the 1.3” P-OLED display.

Adding to this, we get a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 SoC, whilst 4GB storage and 512MB RAM handle the storage options on the LG device.

As expected, it’s Android Wear running things on the software front which once again draws comparison to the Motorola wearable amongst others.

In general, performance doesn’t look as if it’s going to be an issue for the Urbane, something which puts it in good stead for the upcoming wave of wearables we expect to see this year.


Take a look at some of the reaction surrounding the announcement of the LG Urbane from Twitter right here!

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Written by Luke Hatfield