LG to Pre-Load BBM to New Handsets


LG has signed a deal to pre-load the hugely popular BBM app onto all of its new phone releases, with ‘an optimised BBM experience’.

BBM was formerly only available to BlackBerry phones, however with the app being released across multiple platforms, LG has struck a deal to include it with new releases from now on.

The messenger app has been extremely well received by consumers across multiple brands, as the app was downloaded 10 million times in the first 24 hours after its release.

LG will be jumping on the bandwagon with LG G Pro Lite, which will be the first model to have BBM pre-loaded on to the handset, with other devices after that will also featuring the app.

It’s unsure what extra features the pre-installed BBM will have over its downloadable version, but ‘an optimised BBM experience’ is what’s being promised to LG customers.

BBM is one of the most used messenger services on the market right now besides the likes of whatsapp, with users having pins instead of standard usernames or phone numbers.

The service currently has over 60 million active users, and is one of the only good things coming from the Canadian manufacturer in recent years, with BlackBerry’s stock falling rapidly due to recent flopped smartphone releases.

By Luke Hatfield