LG Stylus Revealed

G3 Stylus Phone

With IFA fast approaching, we’ve seen plenty of handsets ahead of their curtain call in Germany, but it seems that LG has managed to keep one smartphone under the covers until now.

The LG G3 Stylus as it will be called is a more affordable version of LG’s latest flagship smartphone, which features a stylus with the handset, something made famous by the Samsung Galaxy Note product line.

What can we expect from the LG G3 Stylus?

G3 Stylus Specs

The G3 Stylus is expected to feature a 5.5”QHD display, making it one of the largest and sharpest screens on the market, putting it in good stead heading into the pre-Christmas sales rush.

A 1.3GHz quad-core processor keeps the G3 Stylus running at a user-friendly speed, whilst 8GB of internal storage helps keep all of your data inside your handset.

If you’re worried about storage space being scarce then you needn’t, as the handset is also set to boast a MicroSD card slot capable of adding scores of space to your brimming device.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat will be working right out of the box, dashing rumours of Android L making an appearance on the stylus toting LG smartphone.

If you’re desperate to take some pictures with a brand new phone, then the G3 Stylus could suit you down to the ground, thanks to the inclusion of a 13 megapixel rear facing lens.

A 1.3 megapixel selfie snapper is also located above the smartphone’s display, and the Stylus will also boast many of the software features seen on the likes of the G3’s camera kit.

Battery life is also set to be at a surplus with the LG G3 Stylus as well, with a 3,000mAh battery providing more than enough juice to last longer than your average smartphone on today’s market.

The G3 Stylus will be available in the same colour schemes as the flagship G3, with white, black and gold variants all being up for grabs on release.

Luckily, it shouldn’t be too long until the G3 Stylus does go on sale, as the handset is set to be on show at IFA at the start of this month.

Would you use a stylus on the LG G3?

Release Date

Unfortunately we don’t have a confirmed release date to give you for the LG handset or a price tag, but considering its more affordable spec sheet, you can expect to make a saving if you invest in the G3 Stylus over the standard G3.

LG is set to feature an interesting stall at IFA, with the Stylus rumoured to be accompanied by a new piece of wearable tech from LG.

Of course, nothing will be confirmed until IFA opens up to the world’s press on September 5th, giving us all plenty of smartphone technology to tip our hats to.

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Written by Luke Hatfield