LG reveals its new flagship G2

LG reveals its new flagship G2

Electronics manufacturer LG unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the LG G2, at a press event in New York last night. 

Not only has LG’s latest smartphone dropped the ‘Optimus’ from its name compared with the rest of the company’s smartphone devices, but it also sports a variety of novel features which make it stand out from all previous LG models.

The most prominent design feature is fact that all of the G2’s buttons are located on the rear of the device, making the device the first smartphone not to feature control buttons on the side of the handset.

The concept behind this stemmed from the realisation that most users’ index fingers are placed on the back of a smartphone when in use, rather than at the side, thereby moving the control buttons makes it even easier to use the device.

According to research carried out by LG, moving the buttons to the rear casing led to fewer incidents of dropping the phone while trying to adjust the volume whilst taking phone calls.

The buttons located on the phone’s back don’t just control the G2’s volume though, as users can hold them down to start up the QuickMemo and camera applications, which makes taking self-portrait shots less shaky.

Also, when the G2 has been locked, users can wake it up by tapping twice on its screen rather than having to turn the device over to manually unlock it, which is another design element LG have given consideration.

Control buttons aside, the LG G2 features a larger than life 5.2-inch display, and a whopping 2.26GHz Qualcomm processor, a 13MP rear-facing camera and a 3,000mAh battery, making it impressive under the hood too.

Specific launch dates for the G2 have not been announced, although the device will be rolled out in South Korea, followed by the US and Europe soon after.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel