LG publicity stunt injures 20 people

LG publicity stunt 'G in the Cloud' injures 20

LG’s latest flagship model, the LG G2, was launched earlier this week, but today there have been reports that a promotional stunt-organised by LG- has led to 20 people being injured in the South Korean capital.

The PR stunt consisted of several helium-filled balloons containing vouchers for a free LG G2 handset being released over a public park in the capital city.

However, the ‘G in the Cloud’ event took a dramatic turn when people arrived with BB guns and knives in an attempt to release the smartphone vouchers from within the balloons.

Although no-one was seriously injured in the stunt, hundreds of people reportedly surged to collect the falling balloons as others shot at them with BB guns, causing a series of minor afflictions to members of the crowd.

LG has apologised for yesterday’s incident, and has since cancelled any future publicity stunts, promising to cover any medical costs for those injured.

The smartphone, which was released in New York after a great deal of publicity via social media, is worth around £500, and is scheduled to hit the UK market in the next few weeks. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel