LG Liger Pictured in the Wild

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LG’s latest phablet creation has been pictured out in the open before its impending release ahead of the New Year.

The LG Liger, as it’s currently known, is a larger version of LG’s flagship G3 smartphone model, which has received rave reviews since it was released earlier on this year.

However, those after a bit more bang for their buck compared to the G3 might be a little disappointed, after benchmark results also appeared to show the Liger underperforming compared to several other smartphones.

Do you like the look of the LG Liger?

LG Liger Specs

Sporting a 5.9” IPS 1080p display, the Liger doesn’t stick with the QHD effort which was so well loved from the G3. It does however improve on the 5.5” size of the LG flagship’s display, which is a nice touch if you prefer larger screens.

Heading past the display, LG has included its very own Odin chipset, replacing the Snapdragon offering seen on the G3.

Boasting an octa-core processor, many experts thought that the Liger could well be a step up from the G3, which itself packs a quad-core chip. However, issues did arise on benchmark results which seemed to show that the Liger was substantially slower than the G3 along with a number of other handsets.

This lends itself to making the Liger feel more like a flashy mid-ranger than an all-out flagship phablet, a role which it could embrace and thrive within if marketed correctly.

2GB RAM is included in the phablet, along with either 16GB or 32GB storage depending on what version you opt for, with incurrent price differences sure to be expected.

For photography fans, the 13mp camera from the G3 keeps its place on the Liger, with the laser autofocus also included once more. For those who don’t know, LG’s laser autofocus acts faster than any other camera on the smartphone market and was originally developed to help direct its automated vacuum cleaners.

A 3000mAh battery makes the cut on the Liger, being the same size as the one featured on the G3, meaning that its larger display could lead to there being less battery life in the long run on the larger handset.

The Liger is LG's latest phablet smartphone

Liger Release Date?

Several live pictures were also released of the handset, meaning that a release can’t be too far off for the phablet, with an announcement expected at the start of November from LG.

Pricing details haven’t been confirmed yet for the LG phablet follow-up to the G3, but expected monthly costs are set to be around £25/month upon release with no upfront costs.

Of course none of this information can be confirmed until LG gives us word of the handset, but it’s extremely unlikely that any of these details will be making a change when it is officially revealed.

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