LG Knock Technology Coming to All Future Handsets


LG’s hugely popular ‘knock’ technology is heading to all of its future releases, after seeing success on the G2 handset, released in September.

The knock technology is a simple but intuitive tool which allows the user of compatible handsets to show the phones display by tapping the phone’s screen twice.

This was first seen in the LG G2, but LG has announced that it will now be rolled out in the next software update and will be available in all future mobile phones.

The tech was introduced as a way of showing the display without having to pick up the G2 handset, which had its power button situated on the back of the device.

‘Knock’ technology is also currently available on the LG G Pad 8.3 and the upcoming LG G Flex, and will become a standard feature on all LG releases from now on.

This is in direct competition with the likes of Samsung’s ‘quick glance’ feature, which allows its users to view notifications without waking the phone up.

It’s clear that LG have worked hard to ensure that their customers are kept happy with features like this, whether they will be able to compete with next years’ flagship phone releases though is another question.

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By Luke Hatfield