LG Reveals G5 Flagship At MWC

LG G5 Announced

LG has got MWC off with quite a bang, unveiling the G5 in the first major smartphone announcement of the show.

LG confirmed that it would be making an announcement ahead of MWC a few weeks back, so we all saw a new phone coming. However, given that the G4 didn’t reveal itself until well after the Barcelona-based event last year, you’d be forgiven for thinking it would be waiting until the occasion passed on once again.

Meet the LG G5...

Get to know the LG G5

The Best LG Smartphone to Date

LG is by far one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the business, often providing some of the best specs, features and design you’ll see on many flagship devices. The G5 doesn’t divert from this path at any point either, bringing a host of top notch specs for smartphone fans to savour.

There’s a slight change from the LG G4’s screen, with the 5.5” effort from last year dropping to 5.3”, meanwhile the QHD resolution also sticks around whilst a new always on feature keeps a portion of the screen alight for checking the time and notifications.

What separates the G5 from most other smartphones of its kind is the new modular full metal design, which also ensures that the phone still packs a removable battery. This can be removed from the bottom of the phone, and changed for some of LG’s ‘friends’ which includes a powerful camera addition among other modules.

A Snapdragon 820 chipset that features alongside 4GB RAM, it’s much faster and more efficient than the hardware found on other previously released LG devices.

On top of this, we get a 32GB internal memory (along with a MicroSD slot) and a 2800mAh battery, which offers quick charge capabilities.

Fingerprints and Flash Cameras

What do you make of the LG G5?

LG G5 Review

The biometric bandwagon has been rolling for a number of years now, with the likes of the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and even so-called ‘lesser’ handsets packing fingerprint scanners. LG has taken note of this, and has officially given the G5 its first taste of fingerprint technology, which is built into the rear based power button.

Along with this we get a brand new dual smartphone camera to play with, which has some LG toppings thrown in for good measure. Laser Autofocus returns, as does OIS, but including a 135 degree lens makes for one of the most exciting smartphone cameras we’ve seen.

Finally, topping off the features is Android Marshmallow and a brand new USB-C slot, which allows you to transfer data faster and lets you plug in any way up, like Apple’s lightning port.

What do you make of the LG G5

LG G5 Release Date

Whilst we’re getting all giddy with excitement about the LG G5’s launch now, we won’t be getting our hands on the device for a good while. In fact, LG will be launching the G5 in April across all markets. Pricing will be available in the near future.

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