LG G4S Details Revealed


LG isn’t holding back with its mid-range follow ups for the LG G4 it seems, after leaks of yet another version of the handset have begun to make the rounds.

This time being named the LG G4S, this latest phone from the South Korean company is promising more mid-range fun, without breaking the bank, but what exactly does it have in-store?

LG G4S Specs

Does the LG G4S look good to you?

Rocking a 5.2” 1080p display, the G4S is bigger and sharper than the previously unveiled G4c, but still a way behind the G4 itself, which rocks a larger QHD quality display.

Inside the phone we find an octa-core 1.5Ghz processor, which should be providing decent speed, whilst a Snapdragon 615 chipset will also be playing its part to keep performance at an acceptable level.

Other internal kit is a bit of a mystery, although you can expect to see a fairly standard amount of storage, probably starting at 16GB.

Photo fans will be thrilled to see an 8 megapixel snapper on the back of the device which also keeps a hold of the Laser Autofocus feature that’s included on the high-end LG device.

Of course, LG will likely reveal more news about the components within the G4S when it announced the device, although we’re still waiting for a date for that as well.

G4S Design

LG’s classic design is evident once again, as the G4S clearly takes from the flagship G4 style – sporting an extremely similar look overall.

There’s an obvious difference in the size of both phones, with the G4’s larger screen obviously resulting in a larger build.

Also, the leather style of the G4 won’t be heading over to the mid-range market in an effort to keep overall costs down.

We won't be getting a leather version of the G4S anytime soon...

As always, the power and volume buttons will be on the back of the handset, something that LG has long been a supporter of.

It even rocks the slightly curved design which has also been showcased with the G4, which makes it fit better in the hand without being gimmicky – which should give it a one up on other mid-range handsets.

G4S Release Date

Unfortunately LG hasn’t given us any confirmed pricing or release date details referring to the G4S, meaning we’ll simply have to wait and see to find out about the handset.

With leaks beginning to creep out, it’s likely that a launch could well be imminent, so we might not have to wait all that long to see it, but then again it could be a while off.

Given that IFA is due to roll around in just two months’ time, LG could wait until then to unveil it officially.

Of course, all of these details should be taken with the standard issue pinch of salt as with all rumours, however these details look like they may be legit – so keep your eyes peeled.

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Written by Luke Hatfield