LG G4 Accidentally Showcased Online


The long awaited LG G4 is only weeks away from a full launch, but that hasn’t stopped us getting a glimpse of the device – after a full product page for the handset made its way online by accident.

The page was listed for several hours on the LG website, giving eagle-eyed customers a chance to take a look at the newly designed device and browse through its specs.

LG G4 Leather Design

What do you make of the LG G4 design?

As hinted on the official invite to the LG G4 launch there’s a leather design being put into place on the new LG smartphone, and it looks pretty good to say the least.

Available in several different shades – you’ll be able to pick up the G4 with a genuine leather build in black, yellow, blue and red amongst others.

If leather isn’t your kind of thing, LG is also offering a plastic construction as well which comes in black, white or gold.

Other notable parts of the design show LG’s continued efforts to keep the sides of the handset uncluttered by placing the power and volume buttons on the back of the device.

LG is also implementing a Slim Arc Design, which means that there appears to be a very slight curve in the display, to make the handset more manageable.

One thing which isn’t shown in any of the pictures from the page is a stylus, something which many fans had expected from the device. Whilst this isn’t exactly the most damaging omission, it will have some fans disappointed, especially those who plan on being more productive.

LG G4 Specs

Will the LG G4 pack the best smartphone screen to date?

The product page also gave up some specs for the LG phone which were still up in the air for most potential buyers – but not every base has been covered.

LG’s display will size up at 5.5” according to the information we’ve been given, featuring IPS Quantum technology as well as QHD resolution.

We’re also being promised a removable 3000mAh battery and MicroSD compatibility with the upcoming flagship – giving it the upper edge over the likes of the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 and HTC One M9.

LG’s much loved flip cover will also be included once again, offering little difference to the current effort – allowing users to peek through a window in the case for standard information, like the time.

Other specs weren’t divulged on the page – but it’s likely that a Snapdragon 810 chipset will accompany 3GB RAM. All of these mysterious pieces of information should be confirmed during the official LG event on April 28th.

Pricing and release details will also be revealed at the event, which is promising to be a real showstopper – so if you’re big on your LG technology, you might want to tune in if you can!

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Written by Luke Hatfield