LG G Pro 2 Set for MWC

LG G Pro 2

LG has let the name of its new smartphone slip, with the successor to the LG Optimus G Pro set to be named the LG G Pro 2, and to be released in February.

The move was expected by LG, who are turning away from its Optimus line, and favouring the much more popular ‘G’ models.

Whilst an actual date for the launch of the handset is still unknown, the mention of February immediately has us thinking of a MWC reveal.

The G Pro 2 is believed to sport a 5.5” display, making it more of a phablet than a standard sized smartphone.

A full list of specs is still being kept under wraps as well, leaving the world guessing about just how good the G Pro 2 will be until we are allowed to get our hands on it at least.

Rumours link the phablet to a 3GB RAM though, meaning that this new handset could rival the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, rather than just trying to clean up after it.

This is the first handset from the LG smartphone range to waltz into the phablet market, and depending on the success it receives, could be the start of something good for LG, with the consumer market favouring larger screens through recent times.

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Written by Luke Hatfield