LG Flex to beat Samsung in first flexible smartphone race?

LG Flex

The flexible display has been talked about for a while now and with rumours of Samsung's Galaxy Round surfacing it was thought that the Galaxy S4 manufacturer would be the first to market with a flexible smartphone.

LG must not have got that memo as they have now confirmed rumours that they too are going into mass production on a flexible display for their smartphones. The LG Flex, or LG Z, has been spotted on the rumour mill before but this is the first time the manufacturer has acknowledged its intention to bring the bendy phone to market.

The OLED panel will use plastic substrates instead of glass, which is what current smartphones use, this will make it flexible and "unbreakable"according to LG.

The new panel will reportedly be only 0.44mm thin and LG have stated it will weigh in at just 7.2g even on bigger 6-inch panels, and the LG Flex is rumoured to be sporting a 6-inch flexy screen so it should come in very lightweight overall.

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of LG Display, Dr Sang Deog Yeo, said "Our goal is to take an early lead in the flexible display market by introducing new products with enhanced performance and differentiated designs next year"

There was also hints at the bendy screens being used by LG in other devices so we shall have to watch what over flexible products will be coming our way.

A flexible screen will be embraced by many phone users who have experienced a screen breakage, as a new screen repair/replacement can end up costly with it sometimes proving more economical to simply get a new handset so this flexible technology should make our precious smartphones more durable.

So who will be the first to give us a bendy smartphone? The contenders so far look to be just Samsung and LG but as this progresses other manufacturers won't want to be left behind.

Do you think a flexible smartphone is a good idea? Have you broken the screen on your phone before? Which phone would you like to try the Samsung or the LG? Can LG beat Samsung to it? Tell us what you think of this latest phone development by logging in below to comment or join us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by: Carmel Brown