Leak Confirms Two Samsung S5 Models

Samsung S5 Cases

It appears that the rumours of two separate Samsung S5 devices were true, after smartphone case developer Spligen listed two separate models of S5 cases for pre-order this week.

Spligen are notorious for leaking smartphone specs like this, having leaked details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Google Nexus 5 in the past, and it appears that the company is at it again.

The two style of cases picture two models of S5 handset, one sporting a physical home button, similar to the S4, and one without a button, meaning that either on-screen or capacitive buttons will be making their way onto one of the S5 models.

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This also puts fuel to the fire of claims suggesting a fingerprint scanner could make its way onto the S5 handset, with the kit more likely to feature with capacitive buttons compared to a physical button.

Unfortunately we can’t see any other major differences in the pictures from Spligen, whose cases can be pre-ordered via Amazon, as the majority of the handset is covered by the protective kit as you’d expect.

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Written by Luke Hatfield