£4,000 Lamborghini Phone Shown Off at CES

Lamborghini Phone

Anyone have a spare £4,000 lying around at home? If so, you could pick up the flashiest smartphone of CES 2015!

Named the Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri, you’ll be grabbing one of the most expensive smartphones of 2015 and one which does actually perform at a fairly good level, something other ‘luxury’ smartphones don’t always do.

Arguably, it’s the brand that you’ll be paying most of your money for, along with a set of fancy earphones, as the specs aren’t quite the most up to date.

88 Tauri Specs

Do you have £4,000 spare to splash on a smartphone?

The specs on this super-expensive phone are good, but they definitely could be improved upon, something which might come as a surprise considering the money you’ll be shelling out on the handset.

A Snapdragon 801 chipset does offer speed, but is now outdated by the 810 model we’ve seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, whilst 3GB RAM is one of the more preferred options by other flagship phone manufacturers.

A 2.3GHz quad-core processor handles much of the grunt work behind the scenes, whilst an expandable 64GB storage is more than enough for your average smartphone owner.

A 3,400mAh battery keeps things going for around 36 hours with regular use, making the handset a bit more practical than some other power hungry handsets we’ve seen.

One of the more disappointing moves by the manufacturer is to include Android 4.4.4 KitKat, which has now been superseded by Lollipop. Whilst this is no slight against the older system, it definitely gives the Lambo handset a much more old-fashioned look on the software front.

Lamborghini Design

What do you think of this super expensive smartphone?

The 88 Tauri is definitely designed to make itself stand out, whether that’s a good or a bad thing you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Built with calfskin leather, you can choose between three styles of stainless steel for it to include, either black, silver or genuine gold plating. The result is definitely something impressive, but can look quite overbearing for your more subtle smartphone fan.

On top of this Lamborghini is using the very glass that it uses on its cars for the smartphone display, adding some scratch and shatter proofing treatment in between. This culminates in a 5” 1080p display which definitely looks unique, although it could be more of a gimmick if we’re being honest.

The overall feel of the device is one that’s fairly bulky, mainly due to the sheer amount of material used in the construction. However, if you want your smartphone to be noticed, then this could well be ideal.

The device is being marketed as one which is incredibly exclusive, with just 1,947 models being produced, which refers to Lamborgini’s 1947 founding year.

The handset is already available for pre-order online, but obviously won’t be available in your average high street stores, with higher-end stores like Harrods possibly stocking it.

Of course, devices like this aren’t exactly ideal for your run of the mill mobile users, so we’ll obviously understand if you’re not clambering to get your hands on it.

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Written by Luke Hatfield