iWatch Could Hit Wrists by October

When can we expect to see the iWatch gracing our wrists?

WWDC went by without even a hint of the upcoming iPhone 6 or iWatch, but all is not lost, after reports began to surface about the possibility of the iWatch hitting stores this October.

The rumours come from an apparent supplier for the iWatch, and claim that the device will be shipped in October, possibly alongside one of the two expected iPhone 6 models.

The reports also claim that Apple is expecting to sell between 3-5 million units each month, making the iWatch the most popular piece of wearable tech ever if all goes to plan.

If WWDC is anything to go by, we can expect the iWatch to focus heavily on health, most likely set to feature some form of the HealthKit we were introduced to during the event.

Other rumours about the purported kit suggest that the iWatch could boast a curved display, as well as hosting iOS 8 and possibly some form of biometric kit; like TouchID on the iPhone 5s.

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Whilst an October release wouldn’t be the end of the world, it would be slightly disappointing for users desperate to jump on the wearable Apple hype, with Apple’s first iPhone model expected to hit stores in September.

Of course, these are all rumours that should be taken with a decent serving of salt for now, until we get any form of confirmation from Apple about the supposed iWatch.

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Written by Luke Hatfield