iWatch Could Make Appearance This Summer


Wearable tech is set to make a sustained effort to be the most popular piece of kit this year, and Apple could reveal its attempt at a smartwatch this summer.

A Korean website put some truth to the rumours this week claiming that a deal had been made with LG to produce a curved screen for the highly anticipated iWatch, sizing up at 1.52”.

This would be a similar screen to the one we are set to see with the LG G Flex flagship smartphone we are likely to see in the very near future.

The Korean site has since pulled the report which could mean that the article lacks accuracy, or that this information shouldn’t be published by them at this point in time.

This has only intensified rumours of the iWatch though, with more and more iPhone users becoming desperate to see a watch that works in unison with their phones.

All of this information should be taken with a pinch of salt considering the sketchy details and obvious pulling of the original article, but if this news does prove true it could be exciting for those looking to invest in an Apple powered watch.

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Written by Luke Hatfield