iTunes Radio Unveiled Outside of US

iTunes Radio

Apple is finally releasing its iTunes Radio feature in somewhere other than the States, with Australia the first country to get a chance to play with the audio streaming feature.

The radio feature works very similarly to the likes of Spotify or, letting users create their own ‘radio station’ by selecting artists and genres they like.

The feature also has Apple’s own station along with guest musician stations, meaning you might be able to listen to the same music one of your pop idols does.

It was introduced back with the latest rendition of iOS, and works on any iOS 7 powered device along with Mac and PC versions of iTunes.

It was released back in September in the US, with everyone else having to wait, most likely because of licensing issues, but now it seems that Australia is getting the next shot at the service.

Whilst this is great news for all the Australian Apple fans out there, it doesn’t do us in the UK much good, apart from proving that Apple can actually work the service outside the confines of the States.

But it could pave the way for Apple to at least test the service on UK shores in the near future, we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Written by Luke Hatfield