Is your iPhone 5s bending in your pocket?

Is your iPhone 5s bending in your pocket?

We saw the same issue arise with the iPhone 5, but now it seems that Apple still haven’t managed to solve the problem with the latest iPhone 5s model. And this time we’re not talking about Apple Maps, or Siri experiencing faults; in fact, we’re talking about the iPhone 5s mysteriously bending in people’s pockets.

Over the last couple of weeks, complaints have been flooding into Apple forums all over the internet grumbling of their brand new iPhones bending, despite handling the device carefully.

The very same issue was reported with the iPhone 5, though despite this, Apple has still failed to ensure that it doesn’t occur again.

Although we have seen Samsung releasing the Galaxy Round smartphone with a curved screen this week, I don’t think this was Apple’s intention when it launched the iPhone 5s. Users would imagine that after sitting on or bending the device extensively while it’s sat in your pocket might cause some sort of damage to the phone’s screen, bending isn’t something you’d expect your brand new iPhone to do.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel