Is the Lumia 520 the smartphone to change Nokia’s fortunes?

Nokia Lumia 520

Launched in April, the Nokia Lumia 520 didn’t receive the same sort of fanfare that accompanied the company’s flagship Windows Phone 8 devices, but it may turn out to be their most important.

From a superficial point of view, it’s an attractive looking, slim and durable handset that follows the form of the bigger and more powerful 820 and 920. Its 4-inch screen is the same size as the iPhone 5 and its dual-core 1GHz processor is equivalent to the iPhone 4S.

The Nokia Lumia 520’s camera is as good as any mobile phone in its class, with a 5-megapixel rear-facing shooter that produces clear and crisp images in the day and at night.

And while its quality is undoubtedly important, it’s the handset’s price point and Windows Phone 8 which are the main reasons why this will become Nokia’s most important smartphone release of 2013.

At under £100 on pay as you go and only £110 SIM free, we’re looking at one of the lowest-cost smartphones with its level of spec available in the UK. This positions the Lumia 520 neatly in the first-time buyer market – perfect to encourage adoption to Windows Phone 8 and upgrades to more profitable phones in its range.

And in Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 520 has the idea operating system for first time buyers.

It offers an intuitive and rich user experience and most importantly, it’s very simple to grasp and begin working with. Its vertical scrolling down one home screen avoids confusion, its integration with your contacts and social accounts seamless while the display of apps through tiles that you can resize and position as you wish is both elegant and unfussy.

This marriage of simplicity and elegance was the key to the mass adoption of Apple’s iOS operating system and when coupled with a quality, durable device in the iPhone, its chances of success were assured.  

After allocating vast amounts of money marketing the Lumia 920 and 925 as its most important Windows Phone 8 devices, Nokia has actually hit the sweet spot with the 520 – the same sweet spot that Apple hit when it launched the iPhone.

If you’re looking for your first smartphone or are keen to migrate to a Windows Phone 8 handset, look no further than the Nokia Lumia 520. has the Nokia Lumia 520 deals on contract for as little as £11 per month, with pay as you go options from £99.95 and SIM free from £109.95.

Written by Damian Carvill