Is Apple in decline?

Is Apple in decline?

Whilst a lot goes on behind closed doors at American super-giant firm Apple, it seems that today's financial report covering sales for the past three months will confirm what analysts have already been speculating for some time.

Only last week a report from The Wall Street Journal showed that Apple shares have worryingly reached their lowest level since December 2011. The figures demonstrate that Apple’s shares have dropped by $23.44, and now stand at $402.80.

The more concerning result to come out of this report, however, is that Apple is now no longer the most valuable company in the world, falling closely behind oil and gas company, Exxon Mobil. As it stands, the total value of Apple’s shares falls $7bn short of Exxon Mobil’s $385bn market cap.

Analysts have remarked that this news comes as no surprise, suggesting that Apple has suffered a slow sales period between April and June last year.

One analyst from Jeffries & Co. stated that he felt these results confirm his predictions that Apple won’t release an iPad Mini the second quarter of 2013, and that the original sized iPad might be launched later than expected.

However, Apple’s decline in market share must be taken in context; stats suggest that sales of the iPhone 5 are in fact increasing month on month in the UK, so it doesn’t look as though Apple’s crown is slipping quite as rapidly as some would have you believe.

It is therefore difficult to paint an accurate picture of the American super-giant’s current state, and predicting Apple’s launch schedule for the coming months seems to be a particularly fruitless activity. We will, however, be able to get a clearer picture later today, when Apple will officially reveal its results for the January to March period.

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel