iPhones Top 'Most Stolen' Smartphone List

What's the most stolen smartphone?

A recent report regarding mobile phone based crime has placed the iPhone 5 as the most stolen smartphone over the past two years.

Apple scored highly over the report, with the top four positions in the poll all being filled by the company’s handsets.

The BlackBerry 9790 took the fifth spot in what’s proven a surprise appearance, whilst the Galaxy S4 and S3 claimed sixth and seventh respectively.

The top ten was finished off by the BlackBerry 8520, Z10 and HTC One X, with reported mobile phone crime settling at just under 750,000 cases between 2012/13.

However, crime has dropped overall by approximately 10% since the introduction of the coalition government, so it’s not all bad news.

The figures are still fairly worrying for Apple users here in the UK, with the majority of phone crime being made whilst the handset is in the users possession, rather than being left unsupervised.

How do you think people steal your phones?

Stealing your Smartphone

Pickpocketing was one such crime affecting smartphone users considerable, especially in tight places or busy areas like trains or buses.

Muggings were also reported to be one of the main crimes resulting in the theft of smartphones, with younger victims more likely to be targeted.

Women are also particularly vulnerable to smartphone theft, with many having handsets taken with handbag thefts.

Apple has recently been praised for upping its security measures with the iOS 7 update, which has seen a drop in iPhone thefts thanks to apps like Find my iPhone.

The app can locate the handset whenever it is connected to a data source, and also allows users to remotely lock or wipe their iPhones, or display a message on the smartphone’s display to deter criminals.

Also, by contacting the relevant companies, users can have their iPhones ‘bricked’ meaning the handset is completely unable to connect to any mobile connection.

Criminals can only then make any money on the phone by selling it for parts or by getting the handset reactivated overseas, something the UK is trying to prevent.

Smartphone users are being asked to stay vigilant when using their devices out in the open, especially during darker hours or in unfamiliar places, ensure you have mobile phone insurance and are covered.

Leaving your smartphone unattended is a foolish move

Keeping your smartphone safe is the best prevention method, by keeping it out of eye’s view and by ensuring that it isn’t left unattended on bars or tables.

Users have also been asked to make use of security tools supplied on smartphones, with the likes of Apple’s passcode feature proving a solid form of protection from thieves getting access to sensitive data.

Most Stolen Smartphones

The full list of stolen smartphones can be seen here:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 4s
  • BlackBerry 9790
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • BlackBerry 8520
  • BlackBerry Z10
  • HTC One X

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Written by Luke Hatfield