iPhone SE Unveiled by Apple

iPhone SE

Each year Apple opens its doors briefly to show off a brand new piece of kit, be it something like the Apple Watch or a new version of the iPhone. This year has been no different so far, with the Cupertino company confirming rumours that have been swirling about a smaller iPhone launch.

Announcing the existence of the iPhone SE, Apple has brought a smaller screen to the fray once again, helping smaller handed iPhone fans grasp a new handset which can squeeze into practically any pocket. Along with that, an all-new iPad was on show as well, providing Apple fans with two sides of the screen size spectrum.

Meet the iPhone SE

Meet the iPhone SE

Buy the iPhone SE

Bigger isn’t always better, and there’s some proof in the pudding with the iPhone SE, which was finally revealed by Apple at its March 21st event.

Reverting back to the 4” display which was such a success on the iPhone 5s and 5, the SE fills out with a new and improved spec sheet over the older launches. This makes it the ideal handset for those out there who would like top quality design and specs without having the bottom of their phones sticking out of their trouser pockets.

Behind the screen we get Apple’s A9 processor, the very same one that’s found in the iPhone 6s, whilst Apple’s M9 co-processor also make the cut.

Camera fans should be kept happy by a 12 megapixel rear lens, which is bolstered by a front facing iSight camera which is perfect for selfies. Meanwhile, a sizeable battery is included for the standard 24 hour battery life.

Of course, Apple brings its very own iOS 9 software to the fray once again with the handset, whilst features like Apple Pay and Live Photos are included as well.

When will the iPhone SE be available?

Will you buy the iPhone SE?

Apple is always open with this kind of information at these events, and it didn’t mess about this time either, announcing that the iPhone SE will be available to buy on March 31st.

Pricing starts at $399 for 16GB (£280), whilst a 64GB version comes in at $499 (£350).

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