Apple iPhone Mini to Come Next Year?

iPhone Mini

Ever since the launch of the iPhone 6 back in 2014 with its selection of larger screens, there’s been a never ending discussion about the possibility of a smaller iPhone once again gracing us with its presence.

Whether it’s in the form of an iPhone 6c, which mixes the bright design of the 5c from yesteryear with a 4” display, or by creating an entirely new phone, a miniature iPhone is on everyone’s mind.

Reports from an Apple analyst now state that we’ll be getting our hands on a smaller iOS based device next year – possibly breaking the normal iPhone release timeline which we’re all used to.

The iPhone Mini?

Could the iPhone Mini be the iPhone 6c?

Rumours have been batted around about a smaller iPhone for a good while, and talk of a follow up for the iPhone 5c has also been rife, so merging the two wouldn’t prove the strangest of decisions.

However, according to the analyst in question, it seems unlikely that Apple will be exploring the plastic build which gave the 5c its cult status following its launch. In fact, the spec sheet for the iPhone Mini kicks off with a strictly metal-only build.

An Apple A9 chipset will feature behind the scenes to help the phone cope with the likes of iOS 9 and iOS 10, whilst RAM will apparently be smaller than that of the 6s, but still plentiful enough for dealing with tougher tasks.

3D Touch apparently won’t be included to help the 6s stand out above the smaller phone, whist the screen will focus on staying at just 4”, making it one of the smallest releases of recent times without a doubt.

Is There a Market for it?

Apparently so. Ever since the iPhone 5s, Apple smartphones have focused on being 4.7” or higher, and there have been a few complaints made about the move. In fact, the entire smartphone market seems to have forgotten about smaller screens, giving a 4” device an unsaturated market to play into.

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Whilst there are disadvantages; watching movies and playing games are more compact for example, the smaller size helps it fit in the hand easier, whilst pockets and purses won’t be filled to the brim by the handset.

Also, seeing as there’s no real competitor from Android at that kind of size – it seems like Apple would have free rein over the market, and wouldn’t have any trouble drumming up sales for the device.

When will we see the iPhone Mini?

3D Touch won't be features on the iPhone Mini...

Rumour has it that the iPhone Mini could be arriving early next year, breaking Apple’s typical iPhone launch structure – which always takes place around September.

With an earlier launch it means that Apple fans could be privy to two events based around new smartphones from the company, with the traditional September launch hanging around for the iPhone 7, whilst the iPhone Mini could make an appearance in March or April.

Apple won’t be confirming any of these rumours until it makes an official announcement, so we’ll simply have to wait and see for now. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long…

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Written by Luke Hatfield