Apple iPhone SE and iPad Pro Shipping Globally

iPhone se

Apple is officially shipping the all new iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 worldwide, following the announcement of both devices last month.

Following the launch of Apple’s new duo of handsets, the company is now fulfilling orders to numerous countries on several continents. This officially revives the smaller phone market in many countries including the US and UK, where larger screens were taking hold.

iPhone SE Availability

Unlike previous iPhone launches, it’s unlikely that the iPhone SE will be suffering from any major stock shortages, mainly because not too many people expected the SE to pop up.

This is obviously great news for iPhone SE fans who didn’t pre-order the phone, as they’ll have no issue picking up a copy of the phone from an Apple Store on the high street or online. It does raise concerns about the viability of the phone in the long-term though, although Apple is likely to glaze over this when it does talk about the SE’s success comparing iPhones released previously.

Will you be buying the iPhone SE?

Coming in two sizes and four styles, you can pick up an iPhone SE in either 16GB or 64GB flavour, with space grey, silver, gold and rose gold colour options up for grabs.

Prices start at £359 for the smaller 16GB storage option, and hit the ceiling at £439 if you’d prefer the 64GB allowance. We’d recommend going for 64GB purely because you can’t use a memory card on the SE, limiting the number of apps and media you can squeeze into the device if you do opt for 16GB.

Apple is currently offering free delivery between 7-10 days for the SE, although this can vary on size and colour.

iPad Pro 9.7 Availability

Like the iPhone SE, there’s not much chance that the Apple website or Apple stores will be running low on stock for the 9.7” iPad Pro, with the website listing free next day delivery at the time of writing.

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You also get a few more options to choose from with the iPad, offering Wi-Fi and network connected versions of the tablet, with the four same colour options to choose from. Also, with 32GB, 128GB and 256GB versions of the slate on offer, storage is easier to come by, although you’ll pay a premium for it.

The iPad Pro is here alongside the new iPhone

The smallest 32GB Wi-Fi version of the iPad Pro 9.7 will set you back £499 direct from Apple, with prices for the network connected 256GB version rising to as much as £839. This price doesn’t include any of the extras that you can use with the iPad Pro, like the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard – so expect to shell out more if you fancy getting them as well.

So, will you be going out to buy the iPhone SE or iPad Pro 9.7? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield