iPhone 7 Rumours

iPhone 7 Rumours

Apple has been coming out with the latest iPhones pretty consistently over the last few years, with launches usually taking place in September.

We'd say it's reasonable to expect the iPhone 7 to be announced at Apple’s September 2016 Keynote event, which is taking place in San Francisco on September 7th. Now is the perfect time to start getting excited - the rumour mill is already on overdrive with whispers of what could be the thinnest iPhone ever.

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September iPhone 7 rumours

A new series of rumours have surfaced, just before the Apple iPhone 7 announcement and these includes:

  • Quad-LED flash with both cool and warm colours
  • IPX7 water resistance to protect the iPhone 7 against rain and splashes, but should not be considered waterproof for swimming
  • A True Tone Display will be used like that seen on the iPad Pro series and for faster response times, these use laser based proximity sensors
  • A 2.45GHz A10 processor will bring up to 30% better performance
  • Dark Black and Piano Black will be added to the colour range


With the very recent jump up to 2GB on the iPhone 6S we don't expect the RAM on the iPhone 7 to see any further increase but it appears there are plenty of rumours that suggest Apple could give us more RAM on the latest iPhone.

The rumoured 3GB RAM on the iPhone 7 seems like a big leap but there is lots of speculation that this could happen and with many newly released and upcoming smartphones having 4GB RAM and more on board perhaps Apple will follow suit and give a bump to the iPhone 7.

The rumours for the quick succession in RAM as attributed to VR capabilities with the expected extra oomph to be used towards future VR apps and accessories.

iphone 7 more ram

iPhone 7 Cost

The purchase price of the iPhone tends to remain steady with each release and it looks like the iPhone 7 will keep that trend with prices expecting to remain the same.

This means you could expect the iPhone 7 to retail for around £540 and the good news is that this is for the 32GB version as it is rumoured there will be no 16GB iPhone on offer in the latest models.

The higher end model is expected to be around £699 but there is still debate whether this will be a 128GB or 256GB iPhone. This has also caused some speculation as to whether the mid-range iPhone 7 will be a 64GB or 128GB - whichever way it goes you can expect to pay around £619 for the middle iPhone.

This is the retail pricing structure, as is normal with smartphones the handsets will be offered at lower prices as iPhone 7 deals will include a monthly subscription to offset the cost.

iOS 10

In June, Apple announced the details of its iOS 10 operating system and this will be featured in the next iPhone. There are several new features that will be appreciated by Apple fans:

Rich Notifications will allow iPhone 7 owners to respond to messages, right from within the notification itself. Tapback also enhances the messaging experience with access to six pre-loaded responses. Owners will also be able to use Invisible Ink, which keeps messages invisible, until they are swiped.

Multilingual typing will be possible on iOS 10, without the need to change keyboards. Siri can be asked to perform tasks using installed apps, while Contextual Predictions monitor what is being typed in, in order to provide useful pop-ups. For example, if ‘I am free at’ is typed, then the iPhone 7 will produce a pop-up that shows free time spots in the owners schedule.

Further new features for iOS 10 includes Raise to Wake, while Maps gets an update that will allow users to search for conveniences along a route and see the amount of time delay that a diversion to one would incur. 

Better Battery Life

The battery life on previous versions of the iPhone has been somewhat of a disappointment among users and it looks like this could be addressed on the the iPhone 7.

Initially it was thought that slimming down the overall dimensions of the iPhone 7 would reduce the battery power but it now seems that Apple will be able to increase battery size but decrease the thickness of the design.

Battery iphone 7

The resulting upscale in power is achieved using something known as Fan-Out technology which combines components to reduce their size and the space they use up within the device. 

Hexacore A10 processor

The iPhone series has always seen a good jump in improved processor performance when each new model is released and even though the manufacturer has stuck with a dual-core set up on previous iPhones it looks like this could be seeing a big jump to a hexacore chip.

iphone 7 processor

The number of cores does offer up better performance, but this is dependent on other factors including software optimisation and Apple has always performed impressively with their dual-core chip outperforming some quad-core processors in other phones. So a 6 core processor with iPhone optimisation should make for some very impressive performance on the latest iPhone 7.

Flush camera

camera lens flush on iphone 7

The latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s currently have a camera that protrudes slightly from the phone case and this looks like it will be another area of change for the iPhone 7.

The thinner camera module will allow the camera lens to sit flush within the rear case for a more seamless and streamlined look.

The camera could also be a dual camera lens setup, which has been developed by LinX an Apple-owned camera company. The dual sensor configuration is expected on the higher end model with a traditional camera single lens on the smaller iPhone 7.

The LinX company produce 3D camera sensors that are used for facial recognition and 3D scanning and the dual-lens camera proposed for the iPhone 7 will be a pair of 12-megapixel sensors consisting of one with a wide field of view and Optical Image Stabilisation and the other with 3x Optical Zoom. The amount of information captured by dual-lenses would also give lots of post-shot editing options 

Liquidmetal Body

The latest rumours show that Apple could finally be using that Liquidmetal that we have been hearing about for a while now. The company signed an exclusive deal in 2010 to use the super-strong alloy Liquidmetal but we have yet to see anything materialise on one of their devices (other than a SIM ejector tool).

The iPhone 7 could be the one to feature a Liquidmetal body which could be the answer to all of those previous issues with body strength and durability. The alloy is mixture of copper,aluminium, nickel and titanium that is manufactured using a rapid cooling technique to create an amorphous alloy. The process changes the atomic structure to create a material that will spring back into shape instead of deforming. Plastic can crack or scuff and full metal body cases will dent or scratch while a Liquidmetal body will just bounce back. 

Latest Images

New concept images of the Deep Blue iPhone 7 are released by designer Martin Hajek of www.martinhajek.com and Twitter account @deplaatjesmaker.

Deep Blue iPhone 7 concept by designer Martin Hajek

New photos of what is said to be a prototype of the iPhone 7, due for release in September 2016, have been making the rounds on the Internet. Originating from China and posted on the social media site Weibo, the pictures show an updated design, with the front of the handset made completely out of touch-screen glass – meaning the iconic Apple home button disappears. Have a look at it here:

The first leaked iPhone 7 picture.

The 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom of the phone is also gone, allowing for a thinner body, and is replaced by a second set of speakers. This is in line with some of the earliest rumours we’d heard about the iPhone 7, and we can definitely expect Apple to update the Lightning Port to allow users to listen to music through their headphones – or perhaps the company will release their own set of Bluetooth headphones.

New storage options might be in store for the iPhone 7. Apple is rumoured to be upgrading the 128GB memory to 256GB for the most expensive model of the range. Another new feature could be the inclusion of the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector onto the iPhone 7, in order to charge or transfer data to accessories like a keyboard or an external battery.

Another picture leaked shows the Smart Connector, plus what seems to be a dual-lens camera – however, we can’t guarantee the legitimacy of any of the photos.

Another alleged photo of the iPhone 7.

Brand New Design

Rumours are flying around concerning the smartphone's design, and we should expect a complete change of look from the 6 and 6s.

We've heard this might finally be the year we say goodbye to the home button, made obsolete by Apple developing a better 3D Touch technology. Even though this means we'll be losing that classic iPhone look, we're excited to see the result.

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There are also reports that this will be the thinnest iPhone yet, at 6.0mm. (Should we get ready for another bendgate?) Which could be achieved by getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The plastic antenna stripes will be a thing of the past too, thanks to new compound materials, no details on what these might be - but so far, everything points to a sleek, minimalist look.

Will the new iPhone 7 rock a new design?

iPhone 7 deals and release information

Lightning Port Updates

With the headphone jack gone, new technology needs to be developed to still allow users to listen to music through their headphones.

This will be done by plugging specifically designed headphones into the Lightning port instead, which would make listening to music while charging your phone impossible. But fear not; there is always the option of Bluetooth speakers.

latest images iphone 7

Screen Sizes

Since the iPhone 6s was exactly the same size as its predecessor, now might be a good time for Apple to introduce a new screen size.

iPhones have been getting progressively bigger to keep up with the competition and the rise of phablets, but many customers have expressed their dislike of the too-big iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus. (If you've felt the frustration of having your thumb just not quite reach that top row of apps, you'll probably agree).

Could this mean we should expect a smaller phone come September? Make sure to stay updated, we'll be following this closely.

A Waterproof iPhone?

The iPhone 6s is already surprisingly good at tackling minor spills, so it's only the next logical step: many exciting reports have mentioned the possibility of the new iPhone being completely impermeable.

Apple is said to have been working on a technique to make the internal components of the phone water-resistant since 2014, when they filed a patent application, that application has since been granted.

We can only hope Apple will also make their screens more resistant - we just can't handle living in constant fear of dropping our phone any longer. It's bad for our heart.

Will we see the end of the home button?

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3D Touch Improvements

More things to hope for are better visuals, better cameras, and a more intuitive 3D Touch.

The current version can only detect pressure from one finger, while the rumoured upgrade would allow users to press and drag with two or more, making the iPhone 7 even easier to use.

iphone 7 design features

Intel Processor

Finally, it is rumoured the new iPhone will run on an Intel chip, separating from Qualcomm to which they'd previously been trusting to supply then with modems.

There are no reports of exactly which Intel chip may be used, but we'll keep an eye out.

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