iPhone 6s Rumours

iPhone 6s

Can you believe that it’s been well over six months since we got our hands on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? But as always, the show must go on – this time with the iPhone 6s.

So, with the new iPhone on the horizon, what can really expect to see from the guys and girls over in California? Will the iPhone 6s come in with a bang? Or is it set to be the biggest anti-climax in technology history? Let’s take a look and find out!

iPhone 6s Design

Typically, we don’t tend to see many design changes between numbered and S models. This can be proven with the likes of the iPhone 4 and 4s and the 5 and 5s. This means that a complete design overhaul is extremely unlikely with the iPhone 6s – especially considering the changes made between the 5s and the 6 back in September.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing an identical handset however, with Apple rumoured to make some more subtle alterations, like maybe no home button.

Stronger Construction

After the Bend-gate fiasco which came with the iPhone 6, Apple has been rumoured to feature a stronger metal in the 6s handset’s construction.

The metal we’re speaking of is Series 7000 Aluminium alloy, the very same which is boasted on the Apple Watch Sport. This metal should be a bit beefier than the current model’s, and it shouldn’t be weighing too much more either, so it’s a win-win for Apple.

Might the iPhone 6s take from the construction of the Apple Watch Sport - with its stronger aluminium?

Curved Display?

This rumour’s a bit unlikely. Considering the design change which took place last September, a big move like this isn’t probably until the iPhone 7 makes an appearance in 2016. Rumours began to build after a patent was seen discussing an edge style display, this could be set for a future appearance, but it definitely would be a surprise to see it appear anytime soon.

iPhone 6s Screen Sizes

We were blessed with two different styles of iPhone last year, with the iPhone 6 offering a 4.7” display and the iPhone 6 Plus boasting 5.5”. We don’t expect to see this change with the 6s and 6s Plus, however, if the rumoured iPhone 6c makes an appearance, we might get our hands on a smaller iPhone.

Rumour has it that the cheaper iPhone will be sporting a 4” display, making it much smaller than its other relatives. There is talk however of Sapphire Glass, which was previously expected on the last batch of devices, which should reduce the risk of scratches.

iPhone 6s Display Leaked

A video from MacMania appears to show off the new iPhone's display beside that of the iPhone 6. For those of us that aren't big tech-heads there isn't a whole lot of interesting stuff to see, although the video does point toward the inclusion of Force Touch.

If you're a bit more tech savvy, the video might prove a bit more interesting, and you can see it below...

An Extra iPhone 6s Colour

Along with the three colour pallets which have come with the iPhone 6, there are rumours pointing towards a fourth colour for the 6s, namely rose gold. This would obviously job the grey, silver and regular gold versions of the new iPhone, making it a bit more unique. Also, this new colour won't be costing you any more either!

iPhone 6s Duo to be Thicker

Does this confirm Force Touch?

Pictures of the rumoured size of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been leaked by a leading case maker, revealing an interesting growth in both handsets.

According to the draw-ups, the iPhone 6s will grow by 0.1mm to 7mm, whilst the 6s Plus will be up to 7.13mm, pretty much confirming that Force Touch will be included in both phones, as it requires some extra room.

It could also point toward a bigger battery being included in each phone as well, and is unlikely to make the handset too bulky.

iPhone 6s Case Renders Reveal Similar Look

Case manufacturer ITSKINS is currently in the process of developing cases for the upcoming iPhone duo, and seems to have revealed that there will be next to no design changes on the new devices.

This doesn't come as much of a surprise as the second iteration of the iPhone never seems to offer much difference extrenally. The most recently shown off case renders point to the same button placement and camera location, although if the phone is thicker, you won't be able to port across your case from the iPhone 6.

Is this new case the same as that on the iPhone 6?

iPhone 6s Specs

As always, this is the area which Apple is working on improving with the iPhone 6s. This means we can expect a raft of changes with the new handset. This is set to be a big talking point for Apple fans out there, with many adopters of the iPhone 6 wondering whether or not to upgrade early, or simply wait for the iPhone 7.

Apple A9 Processor

Will we be seeing the Apple A9 processor this year?

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to see a new processor forcing its way into the new iPhone 6s, especially considering that it’s almost a yearly ritual from the team at Cupertino. This time it’s set to be the A9 processor, which funnily enough will be made by Samsung.

It’s rumoured to be 15% smaller, 20% more powerful and 35% more efficient than the A8 processor that takes its place in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This means that the 6s will be faster, potentially thinner and use up less battery!

Increased Storage

Storage is a big problem for smartphone users, but Apple could try and solve that with the iPhone 6s, by finally ridding users of that tiny 16GB option which is somehow still hanging around.

This means we’d have a minimum of 32GB to play with, and then the obvious 64GB and 128GB options following that up. Also, 2GB RAM would definitely be appreciated, as long as it doesn’t take too much from the battery.

An Improved Battery!

Rumours pretty much always point to bigger and better batteries, but this time Apple is rumoured to be coming good with its energy pack.

Obviously, with the more efficient processor we’re set to see an improvement, but a growth of 10-15% capacity with the battery is also being talked about. This means that we could finally have a battery that lasts for two days on an iPhone!

A 12 megapixel Camera

Whilst this might not sound too ground-breaking, it would still be a much loved improvement on the iPhone 6s, providing better quality snaps than ever before seen from an iPhone.

It links in rather coincidentally with Apple’s acquisition of a DSLR quality camera company, meaning that it could well use its technology in the next iPhone. This means selfies of a sharper quality than ever before!


We mentioned 2GB RAM just, and there's been quite a few rumours pointing to this being a real possibility in recent times. Whats more, Apple is apparently stuffing LPDDR4 RAM into the phone, which is two times faster than LPDDR3 and uses the same amount of energy.

iPhone 6s Features

Will we be getting an iPhone 6c as well as the 6s?

The S model of any iPhone tends to offer one sell out feature that makes it really stand out from its predecessor. Whether it’s TouchID on the iPhone 5s or Siri on the 4s, Apple always seems to come up with something to generate sales, so what can we expect this year?

Force Touch

Technically not a brand new feature, but definitely one which separates the iPhone 6s from its older sibling, Force Touch previously made an appearance on the Apple Watch.

It works by defining just how hard you’ve pressed the screen, allowing different actions for a quick tap and a longer press. Whilst this might not sound too impressive, it should allow for numerous shortcuts and even opportunities in media playback and gaming.

Front Facing Flash

Some of the iOS 9 beta code is pointing toward a much improved front facing camera on the iPhone 6s, with the possibility of a front facing LED flash not off the cards. This is a dubious claim, especially as no leaks have mentioned this before, but it would be a nice addition for selfie fans.

Behind this we could get full 1080p video recording and even 240fps slow motion video from the front facer, making it one of the better lenses on the market.

iOS 9

A pretty obvious feature, but as always we couldn’t have a new iPhone without a new version of its operating system to play with.

iOS 9 will be on show at WWDC, so we’ll find out more about it then. However, for now we can expect an improved design and possibly the likes of Apple Pay finally coming to the UK and other markets outside the USA.

iPhone 6s Release Date and Price

UPDATE (August):

Claims from Foxconn point to the iPhone 6s collection hitting the market for general sale on September 18th, which looks believable. However, the report also suggests that the launch fo the phone would be on September 11th, which is very unlikely for obvious reasons.

Other reports point to a much more tasteful September 9th launch of the iPhone batch, and even claim that the new iPhones could come alongside an iPad Pro and upgraded Apple TV box. The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that Apple has 90 million units ordered from its suppliers, meaning that it could be the biggest iPhone launch to date.

This comes after a leaked internal communication from Vodafone stated that the new iPhone will be on sale from September 25th. This was believable as it's a Friday, a day which Apple tends to favour for its release dates. Pre-orders were claimed to begin exactly one week before, on the 18th September.

As we mentioned just, WWDC will be a big thing for iOS 9, however it’s unlikely to feature much news about the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or 6c.

Could WWDC reveal the new iPhone? We don't think so...

There has been talk of an August release date for the new iPhone, however it would be a surprise to see it ahead of September. Normally Apple sticks to this month for its flagship releases, so we don’t expect much deviation.

In terms of pricing, the iPhone 6s is likely to cost around £550 off the bat, with the 6s Plus being around £100 more. The iPhone 6c could come in cheaper if it boasts a smaller display, but this is all up in the air right now, but when available you can compare iphone 6s prices to get the best deal.

As always, Apple will be immensely busy when it does unveil the phone, so you can expect to face plenty of online crowds when you pre-order.

As time goes by, we’ll be sure to update this article with more information about the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and 6c, so keep revisiting for more information!

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Written by Luke Hatfield