Has the iPhone 6c been leaked?

iPhone 6c

It’s been quite a while since the iPhone 5c made a colourful splash into the flagship smartphone market, eventually dropping off the radar following the launch of the iPhone 6.

However, talk of a follow up handset has been reignited in a recent move by Apple, which seems to leak the iPhone 6c in all of its beauty!

iPhone 6c: True or False…

Here's the apparent leak of the iPhone 6c in all its glory!

Apple has long been rumoured to be working on a successor to the 5c, with many fans liking the colourful take on the previously stubborn design of previous efforts.

However, the company has kept quiet about the possibility of a follow-up, especially after the 5c’s sales tailed off toward the end of its lifespan.

Funnily enough, Apple itself is the one which has intensified the rumours this week, by revealing a rendered image of the supposed device during the launch of its lightning dock connector.

By scrolling through the images, one shot seems to show a phone which looks an awful lot like the iPhone 5c, but with a telling difference.

Unlike the standard home button which features on the iPhone 5c, this picture seems to show a fully working Touch ID button, without the tell-tale square marking.

This means that we could either be getting an upgraded iPhone 5c with just the Touch ID addition, or a whole new iPhone 6c – or nothing whatsoever if it’s just a mistake.

What could we get from the iPhone 6c?

In terms of specs, the iPhone 6c is a completely clean slate, with numerous possibilities for the handset as a whole.

One thing is for sure from this picture, and that’s the Touch ID feature we mentioned previously. Also, it appears that iOS 8 would be a certainty as well thanks to the design we have on the display.

Other than this it’s hard to predict just what we’ll be getting, especially in terms of the actual size of the screen, which could go either way. We might get an iPhone 6 matching 4.7” effort, or it could revert back to 4” to offer Apple fans a smaller screen.

There are numerous renders of the iPhone 6c circling the web...

Internally, we’d expect the latest A8 chipset and a dual-core processor like the one on the iPhone 6. We’re also predicting that we’ll be getting that 16GB storage option from last time, so expect to face a tight squeeze for all your photos and music.

A similar 8 megapixel lens to that on the latest iPhone wouldn’t come as a surprise either, making for a pretty spec heavy handset overall.

When will we see the iPhone 6c?

We have to remember that this handset isn’t set in stone, so it could well prove to be nothing but smoke and mirrors, however if it is real, we’d expect to see it in September – possibly besides an iPhone 6s device.

Either way, we’ll have to wait for Apple to confirm the device first, possibly at WWDC, so we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath just yet…

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Written by Luke Hatfield