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With the iPhone 5s and 5c behind us, we've began thinking about the next instalment of Apple's hugely popular iPhone line-up, most likely to be called the iPhone 6.

But what do we know about it? Well hold on tight, because we're about to fill you in on everything we think we know about the upcoming handset.

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Not one iPhone but two...

The latest reports coming from China have named two different sized iPhone 6's, with one being called the iPhone 6 and the other being named the iPhone 6L.

The move seems like a realistic move, especially considering the way that the iPhone 5C was named in the same way.

Another picture continued to back claims of the larger displays, which are now all but confirmed for the upcoming handsets.

iPhone 6 4.7"

Reports in Thailand suggest that the country's telcommunications commission has recently approved the sale of two different iPhone 6 models, coinciding perfectly with the long standing rumour of two different sized handsets from Apple.

Both iPhones will boast Retina+ technology and could feature IGZO full HD 1080p displays, something that many will have been expecting from Apple this year.


More information has been leaked about the possible dimensions of the upcoming iPhone 6 handsets, giving more weight to the claims of two different models of the upcoming handset.

The smaller 4.7" device will boast dimensions of 138.14 x 66.97 x 6.9mm according to the leak, whilst the larger iPhone 6L will feature dimensions of 158 x 77.12 x 7mm or 158.07 x 77.79 x 7.1mm.

Will this leak dictate the dimensions of the upcoming iPhone 6?

The Thai based Apple stores currently stock every handset produced by Apple, so it would be a shock to see this leak prove to be wrong.

Also, a Chinese based website has now claimed that the iPhone 6 is ready for mass production, which matches the current announcement date, which is penned for September 9th.

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What will the iPhone 6 look like?


We've finally been given some apparent video footage of the iPhone 6 in action thanks to what looks like a Chinese leaker, the four videos show the iPhone 6 working in full order.

Of course, we can't confirm these videos, and Apple won't be commenting as normal, but they look legit to us.

We seem to be seeing leaked pictures of the iPhone 6 on an almost hourly basis and this latest set of leaks shows the iPhone 6 alongside the iPhone 5s.

Is this comparitive picture of the iPhone 6 real?

As you can see, there is little change in the rumoured design of the iPhone 6, with the curved edges now almost guaranteed to feature ont he handset.

The only issue we can see with the picture is the way the camera module seems to stick out from the back of the iPhone 6, something which we don't want to see upon release.

Marketing shots of the iPhone 6 have also begun to make their way online, all thanks to China Telecom.

The picture looks an awful lot like Apple's standard branding style, which means that the company could well be on Apple's bad books now.

Could this be the iPhone 6 marketing poster?

A leak of the iPhone 6 in its supposed retail packaging has made its way online in recent days, with the snaps reportedly coming from a beta tester of the handset.

The pictures haven't been confirmed, but they look like the real deal and fit into the supposed September launch date we've been hearing about.

Could this be the iPhone 6 in its retail packaging?

Case manufacturer Spigen has released a picture of an upcoming iPhone 6 case, which obviously shows off what looks like the confirmed design of the Apple flagship handset.

Could this be the iPhone 6's final design?

 This isn't the first time Spigen has spilt the beans either, with multiple smartphones getting leaked via the case maker; including the likes of the iPhone 5s and several Samsung Galaxy handsets of previous years.

Cloned versions of the iPhone 6 are already making rounds across China, with some models making waves in western nations as well, with a video of the supposed 'first iPhone 6 clone' hitting YouTube.

The GooPhone version of the iPhone 6 does not pack the same specs that are expected on the actual handset, so performance can't be judged through the video, but it's certainly an interesting look at the handset.

Tiny bezels

Recent leaked images seemed to portray the iPhone 6 with extremely small bezels, increasing the size of the iPhone screen we have all come to love.

But it appears these pictures were in fact very cleverly edited renders, to give the appearance of legitimacy.

The leakster, used a smudging tool to trick nearly all of us into thinking that the iPhone 6 could already be built as a prototype.

Leaked iPhone 6 rumours

Anti-smudge coating

Anti-smudge coating is also looking set for the next iPhone, ending the days where we constantly find ourselves scrubbing our touch screens to get rid of pesky fingerprints.


iPhone 6 dummy models have been frequently appearing over recent weeks, most of which show plenty of resemblance between one another.

They all seem to show a curved edge, similar to the iPod designs we've seen over recent years.

iPhone DummyiPhone DummyiPhone Dummy

Flashing Notification Light

Rumour has it that the iPhone 6 could feature a notification light within its Apple logo based on the back side of the handset.

Apple has had its logo light up on some of its computer hardware, but this will be the first time it's been done on a mobile device by the company, and for a good reason.

The picture below is apparent 'proof' of the detail, as you'll notice the plastic based where the logo should be, which could well allow light through.Could the iPhone 6 have a built in notification light?

Of course, this could all be complete conjecture, so don't go believing it just yet until we see it in practice.

iPhone 6 screen: Sapphire Crystal Glass

iPhone users have lived in constant fear of smashed screens  thanks to the delicate displays. These days could soon be over though, with reports suggesting that the iPhone 6 could boast a super-tough sapphire screen.

This sapphire glass will also be used to protect the camera lens of the phone, which we will talk about soon enough, and the TouchID fingerprint scanner, which looks set to stick around after it made an appearance on the iPhone 5s.

This glass offers marginally less protection than diamond, which as we all know is the strongest natural material we know of, effectively offering more protection against the drops, bumps and scrapes we all put our iPhones through.

Reports coming out of Asia suggest that delays may be a problem for the 5.5" version of the iPhone 6, which is suffering from responsiveness issues due to the increased size of the display.

Apple won't be rushed into producing the larger phablet to a lower quality if this problem is confirmed, so a delayed release would make sense.

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6 screen

A leaked image displaying the rumoured iPhone 6 front casing has been released besides an iPhone 5s, showing the possible difference between the two screens.

Take this with a suitable dose of salt, but it could be a legitimate leak.

This picture was supposedly taken in an Asian factory, but again, this could be a fake case manufactured in any Asian factory.

iPhone 6 Casing?

Apple has always focused on screen quality rather than bringing out the biggest screen they can, and rumours of the iPhone 6 seem to back this philosophy.


It looks like Apple's smoothly sailing ship could have hit choppy waters this month, after reports began to surface of supply issues arising.

This comes after an apparent redesign for the handset meant that two layers of backlighting would be needed instead of just one layer.

It's unlikely that Apple will have to delay the release of the iPhone, but it could mean limited availability in some markets.

iOS 8?


With the iPhone 6 building up steam, we've received rumours suggesting that iOS 8 could be released on the day the iPhone 6 is announced.

But it doesn't stop there, iOS 8.0.1 is also being worked on heavily by the guys and girls at Apple, meaning an update could hit sooner rather than later once the iPhone 6 is released.

iOS 8 was officially unveiled at WWDC, Apple's developer conference, and is now deep into its beta version, an unfinished piece of the kit is available as a developer version right now.

Features in the software include improved messaging, a much better keyboard (which is now open to developers by the way!), Family Sharing mode, HealthKit mode, and HomeKit, along with other alterations.

You can take a look at the best features from iOS 8 right here!

With the release of the iWatch and iPad Pro also looking to be around September, iOS 8 looks like a lock-in for the same sort of time.

iOS 8 on iPhone 6

Build Quality

A Better Touch ID

Apple is set to feature an improved TouchID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 6, which is set to improve not only its performance but also its capabilities.

Apple is finally set to allow developers access to the feature, meaning we could be using the scanner for far more than app store purchases and unlocking our handsets in the near future.

iPhone 6 camera 

iPhone cameras have always been a good effort despite their relatively low megapixel offerings compared to other manufacturers.

But the iPhone 6 could well be breaking the mould with it's snapper, which is set to intergrate refocusable lightfield technology.

This may sound confusing, but it basically means that you can refocus a picture after you've taken it, something we haven't seen in smartphone cameras before.

Apple is working on a 12-13 megapixel camera to incorporate this technology, and  will also be improving the sensor on the camera to improve low-light picture taking, perfect to get rid of them blurry late night party pictures we've seen with many smartphones.

There was also one rumour circulating about Apple working on a patent that hides the camera when it isn't in use, similar to a lens cap, but much more attractive, but these rumours don't seem to be carrying much weight.

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iPhone 6 Features

Landscape App Display!

Rumour has it that the iPhone 6L, with its 5.5" display could well display apps similarly to the iPad, which allows for landscape use.

One developer has proven that it's possible by running the app at a resolution similar to that expected on the 6L with the feature.

Could we see landscape apps on the iPhone 6L?

Phosphorus Co-Processor!

Apple's spec department has been working hard to make the iPhone 6 stand out amongst the growing crowd of flagship smartphones, and now it looks like it could trump the competition by introducing its Phosphorus co-processor.

It certainly sounds pretty cool, but it should also walk the walk as well, apparently being able to collect more data than Apples previous effort int he iPhone 5s.

Its main use will most likely help work the HealthKit app, collecting data from a possible iWatch, and bringing it to your screen in a way you can understand.

Larger Batteries!

The latest leak about the iPhone 6 has apparently confirmed the sizes of each handset's battery, hopefully offering up a longer battery life than that of previous Apple devices.

According to the information we've been given, you can expect the iPhone 6 to boast a 1810mAh battery, whilst the larger iPhone 6L will sport a whopping 2915mAh juicepack to help manage its larger screen.

Will the iPhone 6's battery be good enough?

NFC Chip confirmed

Another iPhone 6 leak has confirmed that an NFC chip will be included on the handset (or handsets).

The leak shows off the iPhone's motherboard, which is also notably bigger than the iPhone 5s' version, again arousing suspicion of a larger handset.

NFC isn't completely guaranteed by this inclusion, but it would make little to no sense to include it and not use it.

Could this be proof of NFC finally making its way onto an iPhone?

Wireless charging?

Wireless charging also seems to be on the cards, we thought it was a bit of a gimmick at first, but if Apple jumps on board could we see it take-off? 

The most interesting part of this rumour is that Apple is planning on being able to charge multiple devices simultaneously using the tech, basically allowing your iPhone 6 and any new iPads or iPods to get some juice at the same time, without worrying about wires.

Health Kit: heart rate sensor

A heart rate sensor could also find its way onto the back side of the handset, something which would obviously work well with the iPhone's reported fitness focus this year.

Finally, mobile payments will also look to be included in the iPhone 6, something that was a pretty glaring omission when the iPhone 5s introduced its fingerprint scanner.



The latest leak that's hit the web this week has apparently put an end to thoughts of a 32GB hard drive in the iPhone 6.

The next Apple handsets will in fact sport 16GB, 64GB and 128GB hard drive options instead, a move few people expected.

As we all know with Apple, it doesn't like you to use a memory card to increase your storage capabilities and this is also set to stay put with the new iPhone.

But Apple is apparently considering building a handset capable of holding 128GB of internal space, similarly to the latest iPads we've been seeing.

It is still up in the air here to be honest, as many regular users find it tough to fill the iPhone's largest memory option at the moment, which is 64GB, but we would be thrilled to see an even bigger model hit the shelves.

It's expected that we will see the smallest option stand at a 16GB version, with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models also being available.


Enhanced Battery power

Apple has been eager to give users as large a battery as possible without making its iPhone 6 any thicker, something which looked like a stumbling block for the larger 5.5" model.

However, a company named Simplo has seemingly solved the problem, developing battery large enough to sustain the 5.5" handset whilst still being less than 2mm thick.

Word on the capacity of the battery itself is still up for debate, but this possible hurdle facing the iPhone 6 seems to have been cleared for the most of it.

A8 Chip

The latest Apple A7 processor was a real work of technological art, and Apple has used it in the 5s and the latest iPad releases, and whilst it could find a home in the iPhone 6, many are expecting a change.

Either an improved A7 chip will be introduced, or an A8 processing chip could be developed to help further improve running speed and increase battery life.

It's very unlikely that we will be seeing any tech in the iPhone from competitors like Samsung, something which was rumoured late last year.

How much will the iPhone 6 cost?


A leak from Hong Kong has reportedly given us the iPhone 6 price list, even listing memory and size options for the device, giving us something to work off when the iPhone 6 is unveiled.

For the 16GB version of the 4.7" model we can expect to shell out around £530, 32GB will cost around £615 whilst the 64GB version will price up at £700 if the currency is converted between markets.

The 5.5" model is a bit more costly, most likely because of the larger display and the possibility of improved specs under the hood.

The 16GB model will set you back £635, the 32GB being £715 and the 64GB maxing out at £775.

All of these prices are sim-free of course, with contract deals expected to settle at around the £45-£50 mark at first.

Would you pay this sort of cash for an iPhone 6?

iPhones have never been the cheapest handsets on the market to put it simply, but Apple is generally consistent with it's pricing methods, trying to keep prices on a standard scale.

But with there set to be two different sizes, we could see two quite different prices.

No doubt you want one of these so compare contract prices on the new iphone 6 and go and get one.

The smaller models could see prices stand as listed: 16GB/£550, 32GB/£630, 64GB/£700 and 128GB/£750.

The larger models will be more costly without a doubt and could add around £50-£75 more than it's smaller counterparts.

On a monthly basis prices will obviously vary between competing network providers, but it's not too farfetched to expect contracts starting from around £40/month on release.

iPhone 6 Handset Design

Release Date


Apple has recently confirmed that it will be holding an event on September 9th, most likely meaning that we'll be getting our first glimpse of the iPhone 6 on that day.

The invite doesn't give us much to work off, as you can see below, only giving us a date to play with, but seeing as we've waited so long already, we won't mind waiting another week or so!

Do we fially have confirmation of the iPhone 6 event?

The latest iPhone rumour has September 9th pencilled in as Apple's next media event, which could of course mean that this could be the date the iPhone 6 gets revealed.

This probably won't be the release date of the handset, with Apple often giving a window of a few weeks to allow for shipping etc.However, this could well mean that we could have a new iPhone in store and on sale by the end of September.

The rumour also suggests that the two different sized models could be released on seperate dates, with the larger 5.5" model going on sale later in the year, possibly in November.

This would also put the iPhone 6 alongside the supposed release dates of the iPad Pro and iWatch, two pieces of kit which will most likely integrate with the next iPhone extremely well.

But with two handsets to consider, Apple would not be looked down upon if they had two release dates a fair chunk of the calendar apart, but again they could release the two at the same time as a sort of double release, like what we saw with the 5s and 5c last year.

Apple is obviously keeping very quiet about release dates and rumours, but either way we're getting excited already.

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Written by Luke Hatfield

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