iPhone 5s Tops Christmas Sales Reports

The most popular smartphone over Christmas was the iPhone 5s, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 finishing runner up in another bumper festive period for mobile phone manufacturers.

This result means that Apple devices have topped the charts for nine straight months, with the 5s topping the reports for the past three months after the iPhone 5’s release.

Samsung will not be disappointed however with second place, still solidifying their place alongside Apple as one of the premier phone manufacturers of recent times.

The Korean company will certainly be pleased to see the Galaxy S3 hit third place in the reports, climbing up through December thanks to its low price tag and well-crafted design.

The iPhone 4s was still performing well in stores as well, finishing up fourth in the rankings, ahead of the iPhone 5c, which finished fifth.

Other manufacturers also made an appearance in the top 10, with the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z1 finishing seventh and ninth respectively.

BlackBerry’s awful year was capped off with a complete failure to make the higher stages of the report, with the Galaxy Note 3, S4 Mini and iPhone 5 finishing in the top 10 well ahead of any BlackBerry phone.

The report was drawn up by uswitch.com’s mobile tracker service, which gives a monthly overview of the most popular sales, live searches and pre-orders.

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By Luke Hatfield