iPhone 5s shortage infuriates mobile phone networks

iPhone 5s shortage infuriates mobile phone networks

While hundreds of iPhone fans have been camping outside Apple stores across the UK overnight in order to get the iPhone 5s, buyers getting theirs directly from mobile phone networks might not be so lucky.

It has transpired that several networks have complained about a shortage of iPhone 5s handsets being delivered to their stores, leading to the fear that iPhone users wanting to upgrade to the latest model will come away disappointed.

Stock levels for the iPhone 5c, however, are said to be abundant in contrast to the more popular iPhone 5s.

It was a controversial decision by Apple not to place the iPhone 5s up for pre-order, making the iPhone 5c available for pre-order instead. It has been suggested that, because this is the first time that Apple has given users the choice of two models, the company is trying to push sales of the iPhone 5c by offering a guaranteed delivery by today, as well as making it more available to buy in stores across the country.

Since Apple’s doors opened at 8 o’clock this morning, delivery of the iPhone 5s has been given a 7-10 day wait for users who choose to buy it online.

But for those who aren’t desperate to get their hands on the iPhone 5s today, this won’t be too much of an issue; why not take a look at our iPhone 5s deals here starting from just £29/month and ensure that you don’t pay through the roof by buying through Apple.