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Updated 3rd August 2013:

Launch date confirmed?

It's almost dead cert that Apple will be launching the iPhone 5S on September 10th, but this advert released by Apple also hinths that we might see the budget iPhone, the iPhone 5C at the event...

Updated 29th August 2013:

Next iPhone will be 4G compatible with o2 and Vodafone

On a BBC Radio 5 interview this morning, CEO of o2, Ronan Dunne, hinted that the next iPhone will be compaitble with the UK's latest stream of 4G frequency.

At present, the iPhone 5 is designed to work with Asian 4G signal, and is therefore not compatible with European 4G standards, with EE being an exeption. So with o2 and Vodafone today rolling out its own 4G services, it is interesting to discover whether Apple's next smartphone will indeed be available on 4G from all three 4G providers. 

In the interview, Dunne hinted- allegedly with a smile on his face- that any future products released by Apple would be compatible with o2 (and therefore Vodafone's) 4G spectrum, which spells out good news for European iPhone fans!

Update: 13th August 2013

September 10th Release Date

The latest release date for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is now September 10th according to an AllThingsD blog post. This does fit in with Apple's usual autumnal releases, but is it too soon?

iPhone Rumours In brief

The rumours circulating over the past few weeks suggest that the next iPhone will sport:

  • a 4.8 inch screen, up by 0.8 inches from the current iPhone 5
  • iOS 7 with iRadio and new layout
  • an NFC chip
  • a Super HD rear-facing camera
  • wraparound screen
  • a massive 128 GB of internal storage

Other speculators have put forward the idea that Apple will take inspiration from its iPod in offering its mobile phones in a range of colours, including pink, yellow, green, silver, purple, blue and red.

Essentially, speculation regarding the features and design of the new iPhone 6, which may even turn out to be the iPhone 5S, is rife; here we have only outlined the most popular rumours floating around. But believe me, there are some wacky ones out there. After the disappointment of the iPhone 5, Apple really needs to pull something out of the bag if they are to climb back to the top of the smartphone ladder again. With Samsung and Nokia releasing newer, bigger, and smarter phone each quarter, the real question is whether Apple can afford to wait an entire year before launching a new model. If that is the case, it’s going to have a lot to live up to.


There has been a lot of speculation recently over whether the next iPhone released by Apple will in fact be the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 5S.

Traditionally, the difference between a full change in name and a half-change (i.e. adding an S on the end) is decided by whether the new model itself will simply be a software upgrade.

So let’s take a look at the evidence. When the iPhone 4S was released, it looked almost identical to the iPhone 4, except it was powered by the updated iOS 5. However, when the iPhone 5 was released last September, it demonstrated a remarkable change in design, displaying a larger screen and a thinner body.

And as we know that iOS 7 will be run on the next iPhone, we are sure that the next device released by Apple will be the iPhone 5S. 

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Release Date

It has almost be accepted by iPhone fans around the world that the iPhone 5S will be revealed on September 10th according to a post by blog AllThingsD. 

The iPhone 5S will reportedly be released alongside the cheap iPhone, the iPhone 5C.

Update: 31st July 2013

We can expect to see the iPhone 5S being released on September 6th, according to reports from Cult of Mac. 

The information has been sourced from a German blog called iFun, and although it has not been confirmed by the likes of Apple, it does coincide with Apple's usual autumnal iPhone releases. 

If the rumour does prove to be true, the launch will coincide with Samsung's release of the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA in Berlin, and will be another example of Apple trying to steal the limelight from its closest competitor.

iPhone 5S to be unveiled Q2 2013

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal , it looks as if the iPhone 5S is definitely in the pipeline for a summer release. The phone is expected to be look exactly the same as the 4 inch iPhone 5, yet will probably offer a full system upgrade, including a faster processor.

However, recent news of a fingerprint scanner being built into the device suggest that we could see delays in the release of the device. 

According to a Taiwanese source, Apple is struggling to find a material to coat the device which doesn't interfere with the fingerprint sensors. As a result, the launch of the iPhone 5S could be delayed. 

Update: A leaked image posted by a Vodafone employee suggests that the device will hit our shelves by July this year after an iPhone 6 was added to Vodafone's stock list. Other rumours suggested that the device will be at least mentioned at the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC) event held on June 14th, but apart from iOS 7 being announced, we saw no sign of the iPhone 5S.

Now it looks like we'll have to wait until the autumn to see the new device, as with the past 2 iPhones...

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Could the iPhone 5S be controlled with head movements?

The latest rumour to hit the news comes from an anonymous tipster, and suggests that the new iPhone 5S could be controlled using head movements. 

Much the same way as the Samsung Galaxy S4 features its patent Smart Pause and Smart Stay technology, which uses the owners' eye movements to issue commands, the iPhone 5S will allow head movements to carry out certain procedures.

It is not yet known how Apple will use this technology on the iPhone 5S, but it is hoped that it will enable users with limited movement or physical disabilities to make the most of Apple's technology.

Leaked images show iPhone 5S?

In spite of Apple’s best efforts to keep all details of its next iPhone a secret, it would seem that images have emerged which purportedly show, not the iPhone 6, but the iPhone 5S.

The images have been released on a Chinese tech site, and show a device which is almost identical to the existing iPhone 5. However, the site suggests that the vibration motor in the device has been changed in order to make it quieter.

The same website stated that contacts close to Apple have hinted that an iPhone 6 will also be launched in the future, and will feature more obvious alterations, including a 5 inch screen.

However, I, personally, am quite sceptical about these leaked images; it seems highly unlikely that Apple would be foolish enough to release such a hotly anticipated device which simply looks identical to its predecessor.  

Finger-scanning security system

The latest iPhone rumours to hit the news this week hint at delays to the release of the iPhone 5S due to ‘technical problems’, thought to relate to the fingerprint recognition technology to feature on the device.

After Apple bought the security company, Authen Tec, for a tidy sum of $356 million last year, speculation about the inclusion of fingerprint sensors on the iPhone 5S have been rife.

In fact, Ming-chi Hua, analyst at KGI Securities, told Apple Insider yesterday that the iPhone 5S development was being held up specifically because of Apple’s plan to provide fingerprint scanning tech in their next handset. 

The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner also suggests that there will be no physical home button on the next iPhone, illustrating a breakaway from all previous Apple merchandise.


The latest rumours to emerge this week suggest that the iPhone 5S' camera will make the jump out of single digit figure megapixels. 

Vietnamese site, Tinhte, has stated that rather than increasing its megapixel lens to 13MP as some sources have speculated in order to match the Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4, the next iPhone will feature a slightly smaller 12MP lens.

Apple has put a lot of effort into making its camera one of the iPhone's strongest features, and it seems that this is no exception for the iPhone 5S. 

How accurate is this report?

Although you might not have heard of Tinhte, the site actually managed to get its hands on the iPhone 4 before it was officially unveiled, as well as a third generation iPad a week before it even went on sale.  

Leaked images of Motherboard suggest different camera to iPhone 5

This leaked image, purportedly of the iPhone 5S' motherboard might just look like a complicated component made up of shiny chips, but it actually goes someway into alluding us to what camera the next iPhone might feature.

 NoWhereelse.fr, the website that leaked the Japanese images, claim that while the motherboard depicted doesn’t indicate whether Apple will be upgrading from its A7 chip, it does suggest that the camera does look different from the component in the existing iPhone 5.

Camera aside though, observers have noted that the motherboard indicates that  there will be very few changes from the iPhone 5.   

Near-Field Communication (NFC) chips

The near-field communication chip (NFC) is essentially a chip incorporated into your mobile phone handset which can allow you to pay for items, such as your weekly shopping, or a new wardrobe on the high street, without using your debit card or cash.

Though some people are concerned about the safety of conducting these types of payments via a mobile phone, many others are eager to embrace a new era in electronic transactions. In fact, rumours suggest that this level of innovation was what was expected of the iPhone 5.

The rumours spiralled when it emerged that apple had been in talks with an Australian security company concerning using fingerprint technology in order to bump up the security of using NFC as a means of making payments.

However, other critics have warned that NFC chips might be a long time coming in the iPhone, because the nature of banking is an entirely different business that Apple are not experts in.

iPhone 6 to become a de facto cashpoint?

The one new creation which rumours suggest Apple is working on in time for the iPhone 6’s release later this year is a new take on using your phone as a cashpoint. Mobile banking, money transfers and e-payments are big in the smartphone arena right now. However, Apple is supposedly trying to go one step further by creating a cash dispensing server which all iPhones, Macs and iPads can connect to via a specially designed app.

If you’re on your way to a hot date, or need cash to catch a bus but can’t find a cashpoint anywhere nearby, the app uses GPS to pinpoint your exact location and asks how much money you require. Let’s say you need £20; the app then sends your request to other nearby iPhone users who can agree to give you the cash. Once you’ve confirmed the transaction on the iPhone, the £20, plus a small service fee, is taken out of your iTunes account, and transferred to the kind Samaritan that gave you the money in the first place.

It may seem a bit far-out, but if the app really is in the making, if anyone can make it work, Apple can!

Wireless charging

Apple’s recent ventures have not gone unnoticed by fans and technical nerds around: it would appear that the company have placed a patent application into wireless charging technology. This has obviously led to the assumption that the iPhone 6 will make use of this technology, being the first to successfully achieve wireless battery charging.

Although Nokia has already developed wireless battery charging for some of its Lumia models, it would seem that in order for the phone to charge, the device has to be physically touching the charging pad. It is rumoured, however, that the Apple wireless charging technology will enable any iPhone to charge wirelessly from up to a metre away from the charging device.


Gold iPhone?

Is this the iPhone 5S in gold- sorry- champagne?

Leaked images are this week sparking rumours that the iPhone 5S will be available in gold. 

As soon as the iPhone 5 was released last year, observers have been suggesting that the next device launched by Apple could be available in various colours, similarly to the iPod. And although these claims were quickly put down by critics, it would seem that an all black/ white design is out!

The image, leaked by Chinese site iColorOS, shows various parts of the iPhone including a SIM tray and lock button, in gold, potentially reflecting the colour of the iPhone 5S' aluminium casing. 

But are these pictures genuine? Or is a gold iPhone just one step too far for Apple?

iPhone 6 to sport a wraparound screen?

The latest Apple iPhone 6 rumours to emerge this week include the mention of a wraparound screen.

The next iPhone is said to feature a rigid screen which will overlap the edges of the device. Reports also suggest that this is a feature that would have pleased the late Steve Jobs, who desperately wanted to get rid of all physical buttons including the iPhone’s home button as well as all volume controls and the lock button.

Not only that, but the iPhone 6’s impressive display will allegedly consist of two AMOLED screens placed on top of one another, giving it a 3 dimensional appearance.

This news sounds like quite a shock coming from Apple, as whilst the company is known for its innovation, it is rare that we see as bold a statement being issued on its high profile iPhone devices.

And while we have seen Samsung’s flexible screen being showcased at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, we are told that Apple’s wraparound display won’t be quite the same. The screen will be made of Corning’s latest ‘Willow Glass’, and will be completely rigid, unlike Samsung’s bendable screen which we are hoping to see released on a device later this year.

But will the iPhone 6 really be ready to sport a wraparound screen? Or are we simply adding to an ever growing wish list of features? Tell us your thoughts onFacebookTwitter or Google+

iPhone 5S in Gold?

Screen Size

Various rumours that havebeen circulating focus on the potential design of the new iPhone 6. It has been suggested that, following suit of most other smartphones, Apple will release the new model in a variety of colours. The likelihood of Apple moving away from its stylish monochrome colour scheme is debatable, however. Alone, it certainly won’t be enough to surge the iPhone 6 into top of the rankings either.

Other rumours surrounding the new iPhone’s design do suggest that it will feature a larger, 4.8 inch screen, in keeping with the general smartphone trend that bigger is better. With handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and even the Note 2 becoming increasingly popular because of their large dimensions, it seems only good sense that Apple would at some point follow suit.

Many images have also emerged on the internet, supposedly demonstrating what the new iPhone will look like. Anyone can simply type ‘iPhone 6’ into their browser to see just how many images appear- and how widely they vary in design.

Some reports say that the iPhone 6 will be longer, whereas others disagree, insisting it must go wider. One thing that people do seem to agree on, however, is that the new model will probably look thinner. At 7.6mm, the iPhone 5 is hardly a bulky phone. But compared with many smartphones out there, such as the HTC One S, or Samsung Galaxy S3, the iPhone has a cumbersome look about it, perhaps due to its square edges.

More pixels?

The latest rumours come from a Chinese website, WeiPhone.com, which insists that the iPhone 5S will see its display double the number of pixels currently in the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 has 730,000 pixels in its 4 inch display, though the iPhone 5S' larger screen is allegedly going to sport 1.5 pixels. 

The same source also suggested that we will see a smaller bezel on the next iPhone released by Apple this September. 

However, observers have already shot down these latest claims, insisting that they do not fit in with Apple's usual trends. For instance, changing the bezel size doesn't coincide with Apple's design alterations which occur every other year (the screen size of the iPhone 5 was enacted last year), suggesting we won't see a smaller bezel until the iPhone 6. 

There have also been concerns about how Apple will double the pixels in its display, and the implications this will have for app developers. 

Operating System

iOS 7

Before iOS 7 was announced at the WWDC last month, it was rumoured that the next iPhone could come equipped with an updated iOS. The iPhone 5 currently sports iOS 5, though with the new iOS having been revealed, it is almost certain that it will be featuring on the iPhone 5S. 

At Apple's earnings announcement two weeks ago, CEO Tim Cook said: "Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can't wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014." Not only does this suggest that we will see a new iOS on the iPhone 5S released in Q3 of this year, but that we can expect to see some of the more advanced rumours listed here creeping into the iPhone 6 released in 2014.


The price of the iPhone 5S is still unknown, though we can expect it to hit the top of the range market, as with most Apple devices. The iPhone 5 can be found from £549 for a SIM-free handset, and with iPhone deals starting at just £26 per month, we can see the iPhone 5S entering the market at a similar price. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel