iPhone 5S and 5C reveal

Apple iPhone 5S release

The time is finally here: the grand reveal of the iPhone 5S is almost upon us, and Mobilephones.com will be here to bring you all the details as they are released...

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19.07 (GMT) iPhone 5S release date

The iPhone 5S will be abailable on pre-order from the 13th September, but will go on sale on the 20 September in the US, UK and other other markets including China. The iPhone 5 will stop being sold, but the iPhone 4S will continue to line our shelves.

19.07 (GMT) iPhone 5S leather cases

Apple will also be selling leather cases for the iPhone 5S. Does this sound similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3..?

19.05 (GMT) iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor

Luckily the phone won't be able to record your fingerprint details- that clears up privacy issues straight away!

19.01 (GMT) iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor

Finally! A mention of the iPhone 5S' fingerprint sensor embedded into the home button! You don't actually have to press the home button to unlock it- simply hover your finger over the button.

18.56 (GMT) iPhone 5S in 3 colours

Courtesy of The Telegraph.

18.56 (GMT) iPhone 5S camera

Burst photography, as with most other cameras. The phone will capture video in slo-mo, 720p at 120 frames per second, as well as in real-time. 

18.53 (GMT) iPhone 5S camera

There will be a "true tone flash" which is dual LED. This means the flash will automatically adjust the flash colour to match the environment you're taking the photo in.

18.52 (GMT) iPhone 5S camera

The iPhone 5S will feature a sensor that is 15% larger than the iPhone 5. Schiller questions the age-old myth that more pixels mean a better photo, suggesting that Apple will resist piling more megapixels into the iPhone 5S' camera.

18.51 (GMT) iPhone 5S battery

The iPhone 5S has a decent battery life: 10 hours if 3G talktime, 250 hours standby and 40 hours of music playback.

18.38 (GMT) iPhone 5S Features

Come on, where are the real juicy features?! We want to see the fingerprint scanner!

18.38 (GMT) iPhone 5S

​The iPhone 5S will come in three colours: black, white and space grey (aka champagne!).

The device willf eature an A7 chip- 64 bit- which will be faster than most people's computers! According to Schiller this chip will make the iPhone 5S twice as fast.

18.36 (GMT) iPhone 5S

Now onto what we all came to hear: the iPhone 5S. 

"The most forward-thinking phone we've ever created, perhaps that has ever made". Brave statement. 

18.32 (GMT) iPhone 5C Price

The iPhone 5C will cost around $599 outside of the US, which means that it won't be as cheap as we were expecting. If you compare this cost to other Apple devices, a brand new iPhone 5C will cost the same as an iPhone 4S does currently. And that's not necessarily cheap...


18.27 (GMT) iPhone 5C Build

The iPhone 5C will have no seams or part lines according to Phil Schiller. It is also made of "hard-coated polycarbonate"- that's plastic to you and me. Sugar coating the fact that it's not as premium as the actual iPhone?

18.25 (GMT) iPhone 5C

More colourful than the iPhone 5 but made with the same technology than its loved devices.

Colours: lime green, sky blue, strawberry pink, lemon yellow and white!

18.24 (GMT)

Now onto the iPhone: There will be two iPhones released today.

18.21 (GMT)

Apple is offering its Keynote and Pages and Numbers apps (their own version of Microsoft office effectively) for FREE, along with iMovie and iPhoto on iOS 7.

18.17 (GMT)

iOS will also allow users to order their photos by date or event rather than having a wall of photos as with iOS 6.

iOS 7 will be available for FREE on the 18th September.

18.14 (GMT)

Apple: iOS 7 will offer a new 'Commute Help' feature which can give you commute times if you enter your home and work locations. 

Siri has been "massively improved", and so have the iPhone's ring-tones. Just what we all want...

18.09 (GMT)

Tim Cook is now talking about iOS 7. He is claiming that iOS 7 will quickly become the world's most popular operating system."

18.07 (GMT)

Tim Cook is harping on about the iTunes festival this year, while the Twitter feeds are going crazy for Apple not live streaming the event...

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel